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An Amy Butler Sun Hat

In between sewing projects in 2011, I’m going to recount the sewing projects that I completed in 2010.   This post is one of those projects.

I like the giant flowers jumping off the otherwise expected khaki hat.

The purchase of my sewing machine from Eddie’s Quilting Bee came with free sewing classes. The first, back in January 2010, simply taught me how to use my machine. The lessons I learned that day helped me through my curtain making and wedding crafting (which really only amounted to sewing in a straight line).  As for the other classes, I forgot all about them in the wedding crazy that winter and spring.

On a random trip back through Eddie’s Quilting Bee after the wedding, I noticed that the sewing club was making a sun hat as its August project. Since I was excited to learn more about sewing and since I was supposed to be taking these classes as part of my machine purchase, I signed up and was very excited at the proposition of learning how to sew a hat.

I arrived at the class with my Amy Butler “Blue Sky Hat” paper pattern pieces cut out, per class instructions, but I immediately realized that by pattern pieces, they meant the fabric pattern pieces!  As quickly as I could, I cut out the fashion fabric and began sewing.  I did my best to catch up and keep up with the class, and at the end of three hours, I was proud to have a nearly finished hat.  Unfortunately, I ran out of thread before I could put the finishing touches on the brim (topstitching to add structure and support, making the brim more structured) and the base of the cap (topstitching to firmly attach the lining to the outer fabric), so it was not quite complete.

When I got home, I found some more thread and added the needed topstitching.  The rings of topstitching around the brim really help the structure of the hat, but they also highlight the imperfect alignment of the fabric between the top and bottom brim.  As you can see in the photo above, there is some minor puckering that I’ll try to prevent in future versions of this hat by better ironing and pinning during the construction process.

I’ve worn this hat to several beach and hiking adventures here around California and gotten many compliments.  It’s fun and unique, which is one of the joys of sewing for yourself.

UPDATE:  I’ve since made another one of these hats, and I was able to fix the puckering around the brim.  You can see photos and read more about it here.

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