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The Code on Trench Coats

Before: Double-breasted trench coat. (Image from The Fashion Code)

After: Cropped jacket with a deep V-neck. (Image from The Fashion Code)

While searching online for others who have used the golden ratio in fashion design, I stumbled upon the Fashion Code. Interestingly, the Fashion Code offers one free secret: “trench coats are a tricky style to wear.”

I love the irony. I started on this quest because of a trench coat.

Their reasoning: trench coats make you look boxy and wide by drawing attention to the horizontal. Comparing the two jackets above, I’d agree. But, if you notice in the photos above (both from their site), the after photo includes fitted jeans and heels, which lengthen and add shape to her legs and also greatly enhance her overall appearance. Also, the after jacket is not going to keep this woman warm and dry during a wet San Francisco winter (not that I am complaining about a San Francisco winter!).

They do say that those who are slender and long-waisted can pull off a belted trench coat, but I think the look is appropriate for all types if worn as it is intended: outerwear that offers good protection from the elements.

I do think the Fashion Code has a lot of merits. The sisters who run this business have synthesized the golden ratio into a set of rules that can be generally applied through minor adjustments to what’s already in one’s closet. I haven’t seen their rules, but I’m guessing that they’re essentially what should be at the end of my quest.

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