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Crescent Skirt Sew-Along: Sewing the Muslin, Day One

During the second half of April, I’m sewing along with Tasia at A bunch of other talented seamsters and I are all making her just-released Crescent skirt pattern. Here’s a reflection on my efforts to sew well.

The pattern envelope cover (from

I have to start by saying the Crescent skirt comes together quickly.  Or, it has so far.  It’s day one of sewing, and I’ve already got the waistband sewn together and the pockets sewn to the front of the skirt.  I can’t imagine what’s left other than the gathering and the zipper.  (I say this because I treat Sew-Alongs like novels – I don’t let myself peek ahead even though I have the end of the book – or instructions – right in front of me.)

I cut view C out of the muslin since I want an idea of what the longest and fullest skirt will look like. Then, I plan to scale back by unpicking seams, recutting, and resewing.  I want to use this muslin to find the right fit for the beautiful black-and-white satin organza I’m using for the final skirt.  I’m guessing I’ll go for B, but I want to be sure of my choice by testing it all out with the muslin.  (Especially since I’ve been so reluctant to hem skirts as of late.)

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