Mastering the Art of [eating] French Cooking

A hand-made beret in the spirit of the evening.

I did little sewing this week.  I was sad to loose ground in the two Sew-Alongs I’m participating in right now, but I was happy at the reason why I had little time to sew:  my husband and I wear elbow deep preparing food a banquet we were hosting for our friends on Thursday.

Our theme:  Mastering the Art of [eating] French Cooking.

Our challenge:  Cook a meal using recipes from Julia Child’s book of the same title.  For twelve.  Without nuts (a good friend is allergic) or meat (my husband and I are vegetarians).

Our choices:  Oeufs à la Fondue de Fromage sur Fonds d’Artichauts – poached eggs set in an artichoke heart covered in a cheese fondue sauce; Gâteau de Crêpes à la Florentine – mound of crepes layered with cream cheese, spinach, and mushrooms; Asperges au Naturel – boiled asparagus; Ratatouille; Salade à la d’Argenson – rice and beet salad; Sauce aux Fraises – fresh strawberry sauce for ice cream; and home-made French bread.

The French feast.

Don’t fear, there was a bit of sewing – or crafting – involved.  To get in the spirit of the evening, I used a bit of inspiration from the Sew Weekly to fashion myself a makeshift beret using a Martha Stewart tutorial (it’s hat week over there!).  I made a circle from the leftover wool from the Armani coat and pinned it to a black ribbon I used for the band.  Voilà!  Enough of a beret for the party.

The meal was worth the effort.  Everything was delicious.  And, time with friends is always priceless.

I’d definitely recommend the Gâteau de Crêpes à la Florentine.  Mmmmmm…

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