Fall 2011 Pantone

All colors and images taken from

The solstice is here, marking the first day of summer for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere.  Back on the first day of spring 2011, I discussed wanting to stay a season ahead in my sewing.  I planned a relatively few projects based around the spring 2011 pantone, and I completed even fewer.  One, in fact!  (I was happily sidetracked by some fun SewAlongs.)  But, I did enjoy getting inspiration from the colors and outfits in that first spring 2011 pantone post.

My intention today is to transition into fall sewing – at least into thinking about sewing for the fall.  I’ve pulled the fall 2011 pantone colors and images made by famous designers for the Pantone Fall Color Report to create an inspirational collage for my sewing over the next few months.  As with my spring sewing, I don’t intend to limit myself in any way from these colors or styles.  But, I do know that I can always use a bit of guidance when it comes to fashion.

Happy summer, and happy sewing!

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