Home Sweet Home

After a week at the spa, guess what’s finally back at home?  Purring like a kitten, no less.

Poor thing has been home less than a day and has already been attacked with minky.  I bet it’s wishing it could have stayed a few extra days surrounded by crisp cottons at Eddie’s Quilting Bee.

Cottons are next, hardy little machine, I promise.

4 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

    1. I’ve heard good things about BabyLock overlockers, but I haven’t ever tried one. Glad to know you love yours! Yes, BabyLock also makes a wide selection of sewing machines. I have one of the older, basic units. All mechanical but fancy enough to have a one-step buttonholer. It was the floor model the store was trying to get rid of to make way for the new (female-named, like Molly and Anna) models. I like that it’s simple and gets the job more than done. And, I like that it’s called Design Pro, not Molly!

  1. Welcome back! Your last post encouraged me to take my serger to the spa today. Except they said she needed three weeks… (Everyone fixes their machines at the holidays, I guess.) It’s a Babylock and they are great. I got mine for a steal on Ebay (it was also a floor model) about 8 years ago and I’ve never bothered to tune it up. Oops.

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