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The Rogue Giraffe

This month’s sewing class project was to make quilted placemats.  I wasn’t that excited about them when I heard about them, and I knew I had another giraffe blanket in my near future (first make is here).  Yes, another friend having a baby.  There must be something in the water.

When I got to class and pulled out my fabric and pattern, everyone looked at me curiously.  What was I making?  A placemat out of  minky?  Certainly not!  I explained that I was making a previous class project, which isn’t technically against the rules.  Only it’s been so long since the original class (back in January 2011), almost all of the class has turned over since then.

As the class went on, I kept looking longingly at everyone else’s placemats.  Placemats!  Sometime during the class it dawned on me that I must have a serious crush on all things sewing if just seeing other projects come together, projects I knew I didn’t need and previously hadn’t wanted, made me sad I wouldn’t be bringing the same home myself.

Crazy love.

11 thoughts on “The Rogue Giraffe

  1. I like your quilted placement. I think it’s really fun! It’s great that you are this much into sewing and have stuck with it for so long. It’s a dying art and I love to see people so interested in it.

    1. No, they’re a nice group. I did get the stink eye when I showed up without a project to work on whatsoever. No one really wants you just hanging over their shoulder the whole class!

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