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My Mood in July: Vibrant Red

When I tried on the muslin for the freebie skirt pattern that came with the Starlet Suit class, it reminded me of a favorite ready-to-wear skirt in my closet (seen paired with my Renfrew cowl here).  I was dying to make it up in a rainbow of colors before my conference last week, but it turns out that properly preparing for a work conference limits one’s sewing time.  But, once I was back from the conference and needed nothing more than some downtime to let all of the science sink in, the first thing I did was pull out the pattern and a fabulous Carolina Herrera red Italian linen-rayon-silk blend that I received from Mood this month.  Within hours I had this skirt.

The linen has this lovely texture to it that really gives it some life. Mixed in the multiple layers of red is also a little bit of natural linen. I think the little pops of ivory in the skirt will pair well with the ivory of my jacket. Eventually.  And, it being a linen blended with rayon and silk, it doesn’t wrinkle quite as badly as linen typically does. Win, win!

After a day of wearing this skirt out and about, it definitely does remind me of that favorite skirt of mine.  Plus, it’s flattering while still allowing for enough flexibility to easily bike commute to work.The pattern has already been tucked away someplace safe for future use. I may yet make that rainbow of skirts…

Even though this skirt came together quickly, I still went through my typical effort of trying to “sew well”. I handpicked a side lapped zipper. I attached the waistband with invisible fell stitches. I attached the hook and eye at the waistband with the perfect little knots I learned from Susan Khalje’s The Couture Dress class. I serged all of the seam allowances. I reinforced my hand stitches by coating my thread with beeswax where needed. The only shortcut I took was to machine blind stitch the hem. I figured the machine stitches would get lost in the nubby fabric, so why not?

I even added a full lining using ivory silk crepe de chine, also from Mood.  While it’s my favorite little detail (funny how we like the little things that no one else is going to see), it does contain the one major mistake I made.  I cut the lining out using the exact same pattern pieces as the red linen, thinking that I would just shorten it later.  Then I didn’t.  Instead, I just turned up the hem twice and stitched along the top fold.  When I held up the finished skirt, there the lining was just barely peeking out from underneath the fashion fabric.  My solution:  turn up the hem on the lining one more time and stitch along the new top fold.  There’s an extra line of stitching from the original hem, but my guess is that I’m the only one who will ever notice.

Now, which color to choose for my next skirt?!

39 thoughts on “My Mood in July: Vibrant Red

  1. lovely… as always you are the picture of perfect breezy chic. and you have such an eye for picking online beauties (that didn’t sound right). every time i get something in a box it’s never what i expected!

  2. Love the cut and drape! I also took The Couture Dress class, and I now hand-sew more than I ever thought I would. It just makes a better garment. Good to be in such talented company!

  3. cute! and really cool fabric. nice to hear that the skirt pattern worked out great given that that the jacket didn’t so much!

  4. Very pretty!! As you mentioned the fall Pantone colors a while ago, maybe Olympian Blue or Rose Smoke? Of course, this is one of those styles that will look great in any color.

  5. Orange! Just work your way through the rainbow…
    Seriously this skirt looks so good on you it would be a crime not to have one in every color. Such a beautiful fabric choice too! It will look lovely with your ivory jacket.

  6. I love this skirt! I’ve really been wanting to make a red skirt myself, but I don’t have any red fabric in my stash and I’m trying to be good… Nice to know about the linen/rayon/silk combo too – I have a green linen/rayon blend in my stash that I’ve been meaning to use. And I was just thinking today how it’s so important to have a good quality lining since it’s the part of the outfit that should feel the nicest right next to your skin! Great job, and what about lavender next? 🙂

  7. That fabric is TO DIE FOR. you are totally inspiring me to do a Mood order – it’s not as expensive as I imagined. And you are also reminding me to take a little more care in the finishing of my garments…. Too easy to be lazy when you just want a finished product.

  8. Linen-silk-rayon sounds divine! I love getting fabric from Mood… it’s always nicer than I expect. This is a perfect skirt to keep replicating!

  9. I love this color on you, and the fact that you took pictures barefoot! Just thinking about wearing a linen-silk-rayon fabric is making me want to spend money on more fabric to add to my already overflowing fabric stash…

    1. The pattern came for free with Gertie’s Sew Retro Starlet Suit Craftsy class. No number, no name. I don’t think it’s available anywhere else. If you haven’t already signed up for the class and don’t plan to, perhaps you could email Gretchen Hirsch of Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing to ask if she plans on making it available for the public?

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