Colette Patterns Launch Party – Fall 2012

Saturday, September 22nd

It’s 4:30 pm, and I’m hemming my husband’s shirt, my next MSN make, as I wait for Daiyami.  I’m all ready to go – I’ve got on my new bow blouse and my Beignet.  I’m excited it’s so easy to pull together a handmade outfit for a sewing event, but I’m also nervous that I’ll be the only one showing up to the Colette Trunk Show wearing Colette.  Thankfully, when Daiyami pulls up, I notice she’s rocking a Chantilly.

I navigate as she drives, and it’s pretty smooth sailing.  We find parking no problem.  We’re early, but it’s intentional.  The sewists of the Bay Area are awesome and have planned a pre-party at Actual Cafe.

As we walk in to the coffee shop, I immediately notice Sarai is here.  The Colette Patterns owner and designer is at the pre-party!  How did she even know about the pre-party?!  (The answer turned out to be Erin of Miss Crayola Creepy, one of the hosts of Sew Colette 2.0 – of course!)  Daiyami and I introduce ourselves.  It’s a bit of sewing celebrity awe.

I also say hi to Meg of Made by Meg, who I first met at the BurdaStyle Book Launch, and JillyBe of JillyBeJoyful, who I first met at the Cañada College event.  I smile when I notice that JillyBe’s fabulous animal print top is a Sorbetto.  Before too long Elisabeth of e-beth knits shows up in her as-of-hours-ago new Meringue.  Eventually I’m also able to introduce myself to Erin (wearing her Truffle “muslin” – I definitely had no need to worry about being the only one in Colette!) and a few others before we head over to A Verb for Keeping Warm, the host of tonight’s party.

The store is as cute as it could be. The front is filled with yarn and the back with glorious cottons (hello, Liberty). In a large nook in the side of the store was a table covered in Colette Patterns, a window full of Colette garments, and wine and cheese and fruit. I spend most of the rest of my evening there.

Meg in her gorgeous Drape Drape dress chatting away in the Colette nook.

I browse the patterns and the garments, but I spend more time chatting.  In fact, I spend so much time chatting that I miss my chance to pick up an Anise, Juniper, or Clover – the three patterns I was hoping to go home with.  The three patterns that apparently everyone was hoping to go home with!  Though, truth be told, at one point I have the Juniper trouser pattern in my hands (I nabbed it when it miraculously appeared after having been seemingly sold out) when I hear another lady mention how sad she is that all of the Juniper’s were gone.  I hand her the pattern.  Her smile was worth so much more than taking that pattern home myself!

Most of the garments I recognize from online. How fun to see them in person!

I meet a lot of wonderful, new-to-me seamstresses.  I try to remember names and blogs, but there are so many people there!  I am excited to meet evilincarKnit, who’s Tumblr blog I can’t seem to access, but who’s comments I enjoy reading.  I also meet Tracey of Swell Sewing in her bright Sencha and Clover set.  Tracey appears to the queen of the Sewing Summit, in part because of the loving support she receives from her husband (the only plus one I noticed at the party! What a guy!).

My peninsula ladies, Elisabeth and Daiyami.

I’m also excited to reconnect with Laura Mae of Lilacs and Lace, wearing a blouse Cathy would die for and a Beignet with perfect bound buttonholes; Alicia of The Wardrobe Reimagined; and Jessica of A Yen for Craft – all ladies I first met at the BurdaStyle Book launch.

Standing with the lucky giveaway winners – just moments before their names are all drawn!

A raffle is announced.  The store will be giving away two Anise patterns and two Juniper patterns.  Four prizes to four lucky ladies.  You can feel the excitement.  I’ve just had my picture taken with Daiyami, Laura Mae, and Leah, and I’m floored when their names get drawn one after the other.  Hooray for giveaways!

Sarai chatting with excited seamstresses.

As 9 pm approaches, it’s time to start heading home. Daiyami and I say our goodbyes. I leave so proud of Sarai and what she’s done.  The excitement, happiness, and general creativity in tonight’s event were palpable – and it was all inspired by her.  Bravo, Sarai, bravo!

15 thoughts on “Colette Patterns Launch Party – Fall 2012

  1. Thanks for the mention gal!!! What a lovely post! It was wonderful to finally meet you and all the others I have been stalking- errrrr I mean blog reading! It was really a great evening and a really great little shop!!!! I look forward to meeting up with you again!

  2. It was so great to see all of the talented seamstresses from the Bay Area all in one place! And you are just the sweetest girl ever! I want to sew together, can we have a sew day? xo

  3. I enjoyed meeting you there and seeing your lovely beignet- I was even inspired to make a cream corduroy version for myself! Btw, I was the one with twin boys and hopes for making a clover…

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