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My Mood in September: Blue Plaid

This shirt was supposed to be done before my birthday so that my husband could wear it to my birthday party.  But, disaster struck at the next to last step.

The problem:  a poorly cut buttonhole.  The almost-never-used buttonhole just above the button placket on the collar stand.  The one that no one would have even noticed had I not snipped it open in the first place.  That’ll teach me not to cut open a buttonhole willy nilly.

The save:  a new collar stand.  Thankfully, collar stands use very little fabric.

Everything else about the making of this shirt went smoothly.  I’d previously made the pattern, vintage Butterick 4712, during the MBP Men’s Shirt Sew-Along, so no fitting was necessary this time around.  The blue plaid cotton flannel from Mood (hooray for my MSN allowance!) marked well with tailor’s chalk and then cut like a dream.  It was so nice to cut something with a bit of weight after quite a few delicate silks.

I cut the main body of the shirt on the cross grain since my husband preferred the bold stripes to go vertically.

The pockets were cut on the bias to shake things up a bit.

The yoke was cut on grain since I thought it would be fun for the bold stripe to go horizontal across the back shoulders.

The buttons were also bought with my MSN allowance.  When I was ordering them online, it was kind of fun to go through all of their many buttons and guess which ones would go best with the shirt.  I showed my husband some outlandish ones, pretending they were the ones I was going to use for his shirt, but he knew better than to believe me.

I did make one change to the pattern this time around.  The original collar on the pattern is awesomely 70s sized.  I’d left it as is for my first make since I thought it would help show off the silk accent that I’d added to the underside of the collar.  This time around I wanted to make sure the flannel shirt felt modern, so I trimmed off roughly a quarter of an inch across the width on both the collar and the collar stand.

Happily, my husband is very pleased with the shirt.  Blue is by far his favorite color, so this “marine/sky/dirty beige check” is a perfect flannel for him. Even though the arrival of the gift is months late, I’m considering this shirt his second anniversary present.  It is cotton after all – the traditional gift in the U.S. and U.K.  Thankfully, he’s a very patient man.

Happy belated anniversary, darling!

19 thoughts on “My Mood in September: Blue Plaid

  1. Your husband wears his new shirt so well. At least the buttonhole fiasco happened on the smallest pattern piece. You know that you have probably created a monster as he will want you to make many more shirts for him. I’m speaking from experience!

  2. This looks great! It’s nice to see a men’s shirt made in more traditional fabric rather than the many bold prints I see in the blogosphere (guess I’m more of a traditionalist!). Great fit and I love the use of plaid/flannel. And congrats about the Mood network inclusion! I was just in their NYC store last week. 🙂

  3. dammit, woman. what am i gonna tell ruggy when he sees this?!

    that blue almost glows. i can never find good men’s fabric (at least that’s what i tell myself). truly beautifully done!

  4. So handsome! Really well done – I’m not going to let Nick see this. For the time being he seems impressed with the shirts I’ve made him – no need to give him something this awesome to compare it to!! Hahaha! It does look like a really wonderful fabric. Why is it so hard to find a good plaid for men?

  5. Great job! It looks amazing. My husband lives in t-shirts now so I don’t think he’d appreciate all the time that goes into such a project.

    Now we need a pic of you two together. You are a good-looking couple, if you don’t mind my saying.

  6. I love the fabric and colors you chose, and the pockets and cuff placket look so incredibly good! My husband walked by my computer and saw this and was like, soooo…some other sewing blogger made their husband a shirt, eh? Sigh. I suppose I should start looking for fabric for his birthday shirt in earnest, now. Especially since it will get cold enough for flannel in oh, two months.

  7. This is fab! Love the way you have played around with the grain/cross-grain/bias placement of the checks- gives it a really polished feeling. One of these days I’m going to have to get brave and make a shirt for husband. One day…

  8. This is fantastic, as always! The details are so perfect – what a gorgeous sleeve placket! I really should make my husband a shirt at some point… but I may practice by making more blouses for me first, shirtmaking still seems so daunting to me!

  9. You two take such beautiful photos of each other. Happy belated anniversary!

    And happy birthday, too! (Did I catch that?) I have had more of those buttonhole disasters than I care to admit and because it happens at the end it’s so disappointing! So lately I’ve been trying to be a lot more conscientious before I commit scissors. Nice shirting and a fun way to revisit the pattern!

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