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Racy Lacy Rosy Ladyshorts

IMG_8240 copy

Oh! What’s that I spy? A new pair of lacy undies? Let’s take a closer look…

IMG_8236 copy

Why, it does appear to be an exquisite pair of undies made from Cloth Habit‘s free online Rosy Ladyshorts pattern and a black and pink stretch floral lace designed by Anna Sui with black lace trim, both from Mood. I also cut up an old black cotton tshirt to make the lining.

This pair of ladyshorts marks my first foray into lingerie making. And, I’ll admit, it wasn’t without its bumps and scrapes. Making underroos is harder than it looks!


On the hanger these ladyshorts looks so discrete…

IMG_8225 copy

Until a bit of light shines through them. These ladyshorts are racy! Vavavoom!


Even up close you can be quite taken by their charm. Look at the scallops of lace trim dancing around the perimeter; aren’t they so alluring? But, I’ll let you in on a little secret. They were a pain to sew on. The comfortable fit of these ladyshorts is due in part to the excess of fabric in the body that needs to be eased in to the bands at the leg openings and around the waist. The instructions implore you to ease the body into the bands – not to stretch the two to fit while they’re in the machine – which, at least for me, made for a lot of wayward pins in slippery lace.

And, as for that beautiful Anna Sui lace? It’s inside out. I went back and forth and back and forth about which side was the front, and I chose the “neat” side. When I went back to the main image of the lace on Mood’s site, after much of the lace trim had already been attached, I discovered my error. It’s still gorgeous, mind you. But, the pink doesn’t pop like it should. So, another pair of these little shorts will be in my future, right side out. I need the practice anyway!

IMG_8228 copy

The stitching is a little more obvious from this close up. I serged the main seams of the body using a narrow three-thread seam. I then stitched the lace bands on using the zigzag suggested in the pattern instructions and aligning the seam midway through the narrowest part of the lace trim. Finally, I traced around the interior scallops using the same zigzag. Sounds simple enough, right? Hopefully after a bit more practice, making lingerie will go as quickly as it sounds like it should!

This post can also be found on Mood Sewing Network. Additionally, I used my MSN allowance towards the purchase of the lace fabrics.

19 thoughts on “Racy Lacy Rosy Ladyshorts

  1. Lovely! I am eager to try my hand at lace undergarments but am still working on the tried and true cotton variety right now. But, your lady shorts are inspiring!

    1. Hopefully one day. Right now it’s on to a polkadot dress that’s another MSN/ BurdaStyle project. Always something on my sewing table!

  2. Beautiful, Amy! I might have to get me some of that fabric, too. I’m a little nuts for nice lace right now. After doing it a couple of times, you won’t need pins as much to sew in the trim but it is harder when the trim is more scallop-y like that (I’m still practicing and my fabric goes wayward, too!).

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