How do you share online?

It seems these days there are a million and one ways to share online.  We not only have the wide network of everyone’s individual blogs, but we also have general arenas like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Flickr and sewing-focused sites like Pattern Review, BurdaStyle, Kollabora, Stitcher’s Guild at Artisan Square, The Cutter and Tailor, The Sewcial, CONNECTEDthreadz, and My Sewing Circle.  The list just seems to go on and on.  And, to be open and honest, I find it all a bit overwhelming.  But, I can’t help but try to figure out a way to make at least some of it work for me since I just love connecting with people and being a part of this awesome community.

So, let me start by first asking all of you – how do you enjoy sharing online?  Are you just a blog person, or do you venture into these other worlds?

For those of you who fall into the Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest camp, how do you fit these sites into you daily routine?  I love the idea of all three and think they can really help to bring the wonderful online sewing community even closer together.  So, I’ve been trying with mixed success (success here being defined as my level of consistency, not any of the other many metrics one might think of to define social media success) to use all three. With Twitter and Instagram I’ve found it easiest to use my phone to check in every now and then when I have a free moment.  I’m starting to feel more confident on Twitter, but I’m still standing in the shallow end afraid to get my hair wet with Instagram.  As for Pinterest, I use the site mostly through my computer.  I have their little “Pin It” button in my bookmark bar, and I try to remember to pin things that I find inspiring whenever I’m lost in the wide wild world that is the Internets.  And, I have to admit that I just love having an easy to access visual space for all of my saved tutorials and sewing inspiration.  But, are there easier ways that you incorporate these sites into your day-to-day?

One of my big questions with all three sites is what’s with all the hashtags?  Can you put a hashtag in front of anything, or is there some set of rules about what should be hashtagged?  Right now, to me, it all feels a bit like this skit from Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon:

On Pinterest I do know to tag anything I pin that was made with fabric from Mood with #moodfabrics and that was made with help from a Craftsy class with #CraftsyPhoto, but that’s because those entities told me those rules, and good things may come from following them.  As to almost all other hashtags – no clue.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

What about Facebook and Flickr?  I am terrible at using my own personal Facebook account (Facebook doesn’t even know I’m pregnant, though it does know about my most recent weekend get aways), so I haven’t even thought about setting up one for my blog.  Are blog Facebook accounts helpful?  As for Flickr, I mostly use it to participate in Sew-Alongs and share indie pattern company makes and such.  Are there uses for Flickr that I’m missing out on?

As for the sewing-focused sites…  I wish there were only one, sort of like how I see Ravelry for the knitting world (though I could have the knitting world all wrong since I’m still mostly on the outside looking in!).  Pattern Review seems like a great idea for a site, but it’s just not shiny or easy for me to figure out how to connect with others.  I know from going to this year’s Pattern Review Weekend that people are really connected on that site – but how?  On my list of to-dos is to start adding more of my own pattern reviews to the site, but somehow that particular task never makes it to the top of the list.  I used to be really good about participating in BurdaStyle, and I recently made a big push to get a healthy Kollabora account going, but all the time it takes to stay active in so many sites really starts to add up!  Then there are also awesome sites like Stitcher’s Guild that host collective sewing challenges like SWAPs and have an enormous wealth of knowledge amongst their active members.  And the list goes on and on…

What do you think – should one focus on one particular sewing site, flitter about hitting them all, or figure out how to target each of them for their strengths?

Speak up as I’m very curious!  And, if you’re looking to build your own networks on any of these sites, please say hello!  You can find me here…

61 thoughts on “How do you share online?

  1. I am so with you on this subject! I blog, use Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Yahoo groups. It just gets to be to much to keep up with. I’m about to start looking for an app that allows you to post once and connect with the others.

    And the hashtags! I didn’t know that about Craftsy and I have been taking their classes since they started (or near enough). Thanks for sharing about that and Mood fabrics. I’ll have to watch these comments to see if anyone has a brilliant solution.

    Good luck,

    1. Yeah, a while ago Craftsy announced that it was going to look through Pinterest pins tagged with #CraftsyPhoto and occasionally select their favorites to show off on the site. If you’re selected, you get five free classes or something like that. I haven’t looked back into it to see if it’s still going on, but I keep using the hashtag just in case!

  2. I’m glad it’s not just me. I blog, and I’m active on burdastyle but that’s about it, because I am overwhelmed by the thought of everything else. I love the idea of Pinterest, but have never got around to using it, and I am just a bit old and ornery about Twitter (but this is mainly because I love the way my 17yo’s eyes roll back in her head when I do the old and ornery schtick). I think mainly I have not really looked into Twitter / Instagram etc because I already spend far too long in front of varying sizes of screen…

    1. I hear you on the too many screens thing. I am hoping to get a bit more involved in Instagram though since it seems like a very popular medium for sharing things in real time these days. We shall see…

  3. Love the hashtag skit. Haven’t seen the kids at school doing anything like that yet but will keep my eyes peeled. I use Pinterest, shut my account on twitter, use Facebook very infrequently and look at lots of blogs but don’t have my own 🙂 It all just seems like it will suck all my time up instead of me at least thinking about doing some exercise, catching up with friends over coffee etc. Threadtimes idea sounds good. One app to connect to everything!

  4. I think you have to decide just how much social sewing presence you want. It’s a little easier for me because I do most of my social sewing stuff while commuting…I have an app for bloglovin – so I read alot of blogs on the bus going to and from work. An app for pinterest so I check it out on the bus. I also have the pin button so that if I’m on the internet and see something I like I can pin. My instagram account is mostly sewing and my grandkids so I take pictures on my iPad as I’m sewing anyway, I just add to my acct that way.

    However, I will tell you that I’m addicted to Instagram. I have an iPad app and it’s too easy to check several times a day! I use to follow several of the sewing boards but I’ve just about dropped them. I need some time in there to sew and that’s the sewing social media that’s suffered.

    This is interesting can’t wait to see what others say!

    1. I blame you for my wanting to get more involved in Instagram! You keep posting about all the great fabrics you keep getting from Mood that you’ve found through their Instagram feed, and I felt like I was missing out. Hahaha! Just joking. But, I do think Instagram has become a great way to connect with other seamstresses in almost real time.

  5. Well… Like you I’m pretty much everywhere as sewingprincess or sewingprincess1. I am not a Facebook fan but a lot of companies use just that so I check it and update it from time to time. I’m more active on twitter. I am becoming lazy about burdastyle and Flickr as you need to upload pics again!
    My blog posts are weekly. I can’t manage more with work.

  6. That skit is hilarious! I don’t really get hashtags either, I have to admit. There are so many sites to keep up on it gets exhausting! I do want to connect with other sewers, though. This whole internet sewing community is what made me give sewing another try and I’m so grateful for everything that people are contributing. I currently use Pinterest, Flickr, Kollabora and Craftsy occasionally, Facebook never (I can’t stand it!), and I’ve never tried Instagram or Twitter. I wish there was one central site, like Ravelry (which I also use), that everyone used. It would make things so much easier!

    1. Isn’t the online sewing community great?! And, you should read below what others have said about hashtags. You can just make them up! It’s just that you’ll connect more if you use one that’s commonly used by lots of people.

  7. Definitely a hot topic! When I write a blog post I follow it up with putting a few pics on Flickr, Kollabora, Pinterest and Instagram…and I just started posting them to Style Gawker too, it’s super quick but so far it is mostly fashion bloggers on there. I use Pinterest a lot to keep track of ideas, and I am definitely a little too addicted to Instagram! I do consider eliminating some of these from time to time, it just seems like a lot.

    1. Oh, and hashtags…I use them legitimately to tag a pattern company or whatever, but for the most part I just do it as a joke, using ridiculously long or silly hashtags. I don’t really know the proper etiquette if there is any 😉

      1. Yes! Thank you. I’m glad to know some of them are just for fun. They definitely make me smile when I see them, but I’ve also often wondered where the author found such a tag. Knowing you can just make them up is great!

    2. Wow! For every post? Or just finished garment posts? Your posts tend to be heavily finished garment posts (at least from my humble perspective), so maybe they’re one and the same? It’s just hard for me to imagine posting some of the crazy things I’ve decided I want to write about up on so many sites. Like all of my weekly Craftsy posts?! Sometimes I worry there’s not even an audience for those here!! 🙂

      1. Oh definitely just finished garment posts, but you’re right, that is pretty much all I do 🙂 I would say that after I finish a post it only takes me about 10 min to throw it up everywhere else.

  8. I have my own blog, love Bloglovin and pinterest. Instagram I use for photography but not for sewing. Dont get twitter barely touch Facebook.

    I mainly follow lots of sewing blogs and always make sure I leave comments.

    So don’t get the hashtag thing at all. Love Carolyn’s idea of making up ones… Must try it.

  9. I dipped my toe into the sewing blog world with Burdastyle, so I tend to see that one as the Ravelry of the sewing world.

    I hate Twitter but love Pinterest and Instagram! You can #hashtag whatever the heck you’d like–it just depends on if anyone else has used it what else will show up.

    1. I found Pattern Review first, but I thought it was solely dedicated to reviewing patterns you’d bought from them. Then I found BurdaStyle, and it was so shiny that I heavily gravitated towards it. Now I’m just flittering about trying to find the best way to use all of the resources available to us. And, thanks so much for the hashtag info. It finally makes sense!

  10. I don’t have much interest in being involved in tons of sites, but I sometimes even feel overwhelmed with the few that I do participate in! =) I don’t do Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. It has always seemed to me like those last two were generally used on cell phones (and I really dislike cell phones, so I tend to have a negative association with Twitter and Instagram!). I don’t get hashtags, either. I’m on Flickr but pretty much only upload for sew-alongs or embroidery stitch-alongs.

    Mostly I just stick with blogs. I do love Ravelry, though…it’s a really incredible site. I love being able to organize all of my yarn, the patterns I own, and keep track of what I want to knit. I love being able to mark the progress on my knitting projects- it keeps me motivated sometimes. And I have learned so much from the forums! I really think there should be a Ravelry for sewing, but to be honest I don’t exactly do a ton of garment sewing, so I don’t know how much I would use it if it were created. =)

    I do like Pinterest, too, for keeping up with tutorials and inspiration. I use the “Pin It” button to pin tutorials and things I come across online. As for actual browsing on Pinterest, I tend to do that in lumps…one weekend I might spend quite a bit of time on the site, and then I might not really visit it again for a few weeks.

    1. I’m a lump person, too. That’s why I view my stints into social media as only being mildly successful. I can’t stay tuned in long enough to really get into any of these other sites. I’ll have a week here or a week there that I pin a lot of things or post a bunch of photos to Instagram, but then… nothing. For months sometimes! I do really like blogs though, and I hope they always stay the bread and butter of this community.

  11. Hashtags are a way to search Twitter. I think they began that way. Now other networking sites are using them too I guess. Mostly I use them on FB. #givesmoreinfo #alittlelikeparentheses #thinkvocalasides #jimmyfallonrocks #hashtags

  12. I love blogs and that’s what got me into sewing so I’ll always be grateful. But since I got into twitter I’ve felt so much more a part of the the sewing community! I’ve learnt loads about fitting and had great help and advice on on there (make up up your own hash tags if you like – lots are a joke or else if you follow something like the Friday night fabric chats you can use the hash tag to keep up with with everyone who is chatting). I don’t really have have time for anything anything else – keeping up with with 150 blogs is hard work! I do use Flickr for sewalong or indies as you do but I’m not much of a follower on there. I’d love a sewing ravelry. Weren’t Colette asking about forums people liked – maybe they will start one?

    1. I was wondering where Colette was going with that. They used to have a community, and I assumed another was coming along. They keep hinting at something big coming, but I’m thinking it’ll be more product focused than community focused. We shall see!

  13. It’s interesting to read everyone’s responses! I am pretty shy online and I often feel like I should be doing more. I really love the sewing community, but it does seem that reading and commenting on blogs is just about all I have time for, at least for right now. I rarely use Twitter and Instagram is more personal than sewing. These days it’s just cats 🙂

    1. You are a great commenter though, so I think I might view you as being more successful than all of my dallying in these other worlds because you’ve found a great way to participate, and you stick with it.

  14. I have a blog and find its getting harder and harder to get/stay connected! It’s weird, you’d think more social media would mean more connection. But I just don’t have the time to invest to all the different outlets. I use Bloglovin only for following blogs. I used to have my subscriptions scattered all over with some coming by RSS feeds and some email. My inbox got slammed! So I deleted every single subscription and re-followed on Bloglovin. #happyface

    I have a Twitter and Pinterest account (and maybe Instagram, I seem to recall I joined once), but seriously I’ve got a life (no offence). I spent so much time trying to keep across everything I didn’t actually sew/knit/exercise/kiss my family #bloodyexhausted Incidentally I also have no idea what the hashtag etiquette is, I’m just playin’.

    I have found though that this means wayyyyyyy less commenting is occurring on blogs including my own. People’s comments are scattered throughout Twitter and Pinterest in response to teasers for their blog posts. I truly think it’s diluting our impact and connection, not strengthening it. That’s enough ranting from me 🙂 #crankyoldfart

    1. My life was revolutionized as soon as I figured out how to use blog readers. Then I started following way too many blogs though and found that I was commenting far less frequently because I was spending too much time reading! Now things are even more diluted, but I hope it’s strengthening connections between individuals even if it means comments are diluted across multiple social sites.

  15. I’m a new blogger, so I’m trying to use some of these methods to meet other people, but it is very hard to keep up! I can’t think of things to tweet or photos to post to Instagram very often, so I’m not using those sites as much as I see other people using them. I have a Ravelry account, but I’m just learning how to knit right now, so I don’t have a whole lot going on over there, haha. I use Pinterest to keep track of my own ideas for things, but I’m not sure that would be interesting to other people. I used to post lots of reviews at Pattern Review, but now that I have a blog, it would be sort of a pain to edit down my blog post into a reasonable length for a review. So I’m definitely not using the many things I’ve dabbled in to their fullest potential, but maybe I’ll get there someday!

    1. Keep at it! The more you comment and participate, the more connected you’ll be. If you can’t think of things you want to tweet or photos you want to post, then just comment on other people’s posts. I bet once you start feeling a bit of a connection to others, you’ll start wanting to show them what you’re up to!

  16. Interesting post. So far I read a lot of blogs and have met so many great people via their blogs in the sewing universe. What I like about blogs is the mix of photos and text, I like to see what others are sewing, and then read the details of their projects. Blog posts can tell a story, whether short or long. For now I am staying away from Instagram and Twitter, mostly to impose some discipline on my screen time (as you mentioned). I could see if one had a commute where you could check those during that time it would be convenient. So I hope all the blogs I like keep going and don’t switch to the shorter formats of those other things. As for Pinterest, I signed on but never use it. Just not useful to me.
    I do look at Pattern Review often as it is such a great resource for seeing how a pattern looks sewn up, and to read about the details, positives and negatives. I also like that people review all brands of patterns from the big 4 to all the indy patterns. It is kind of a shame that the site is so unappealing to look at and navigate, they have such a great idea in need of an overhaul. But I use it a lot so don’t want to criticize too much. Also it is a great way to find new blogs. As for the dilution in the sewing on-line world, I think you are correct and it is getting spread out over a lot of different venues and it takes some effort stay connected. I try to comment often when I find a new blog I like – everyone encouraged me when I started and it seems only right to send that positivity along to the next person 🙂

    1. I, too, love the detailed story that blogs give you. Also, I think Pattern Review is great, so I hope I haven’t come off negative about it. It’s just that I can’t find my way around it as intuitively as I have with other social sewing sites. Sometimes I can’t even figure out how to find my own profile! More importantly, I’m not sure how to find “friends” there either. I’m hoping that if I were to spend a bit more time adding my own reviews and clicking on random links, I’ll eventually figure it out!

  17. Blogging, Bloglovin, Facebook and Pattern Review are my primary means of online sewing communications and I do love Pinterest! I have to remember to ‘Tweet’ and I must start an Instagram account, but no more!
    While I like all of the above, I believe it’s important to have one consistent place for communicating. For me it’s my blog and I usually answer quickly……. but I hope to be on Instagram soon and who knows where that will take me. 🙂

    1. You’d be a hit on Instagram! And, you’re one of my motivations to figure out Pattern Review. It seems like you get a lot out of your connections there, and I’m all about anything that will help me to better my sewing while having fun!

  18. I have a Facebook account for personal use and an account for my Esty shop. I post infrequently on Instagram,. mostly following my teens on this one and Mood. I have a Blog and have recently joined Pattern Review.I also have a Pintrest and Flickr account from doing a few sewalongs. No twitter for me. I love the Hashtag skit, someone sent that to me a few weeks ago. I lauged so hard because with teens you see so many hashtags on things and I just don;t get it. I am going to take back a few things that I have said to them about hashtags and try the Craftsy trick, the potential to win free classes motivates me every time.
    This was an interesting discussion. I wonder sometimes if we are too connected and should go back to meeting for coffee in person, but it would be hard to meet up with so many people…

    1. Now I can’t seem to find the Craftsy page that explained how you could use their hashtag to win free classes. I tried looking it up earlier today. I still think it’s a good way to connect with others though, so even if the Craftsy giveaway is over, I bet the hashtag will still work to help link your work with others. And, yes to coffee! We’re close enough that we could make it happen every once in a while. Also, did you ever join the Seattle ASG? I’ve been thinking about it. Maris of Sew Maris just went to a weekend retreat with the local chapter, and it sounds like she’s found a wonderful group there!

  19. If someone could just make one platform that could publish to multiple platforms (i.e., pick an image to send to instagram & flickr, a review for Burdastyle, a blog post, etc.) I would pay GOOD money for that. Just sayin. Where are the computer savvy sewing people?

  20. my primary sites are my blog and instagram. the blog for regular write ups and info, and instagram for smaller projects that don’t make it to the blog, or quick in-progress sharing. i used to do burdastyle, but haven’t posted regularly in a while. same with pattern review. i do try to post there if i’m using a new pattern or feel i have something new and useful to say. flicker is nice for sharing indie pattern makes, or following a few people who don’t blog. but, like everyone has said, there are just too many platforms to keep up to date on all of them!

  21. Hashtags are SUPPOSED to be used to connect people through various themes. Like if they’re all watching Breaking Bad at once, they’ll hashtag it, and people can search #breakingbad to see what others are saying about it. Those who use them excessively (#hello i am #sewing #fabric on my #vintage #singer #sewingmachine #today) are usually trying to gain a lot of followers because they’re more “findable.” But yeah, hashtags have also become sort of a way to ironically sum up your tweet or Instagram post, or to express an aside or an emotion.

    For sewing, I try to stick to the visual platforms like blogs, Instagram and Pinterest. I use Pattern Review sometimes because it usually brings a lot of blog traffic, but it is a janky site. I don’t follow any Facebook pages for sewing blogs, because it doesn’t seem to add any original content (just links to their own blog posts), and I prefer to use a blog reader to check for blog updates. I don’t touch anything else, and I still feel overwhelmed!

    1. Thanks for the tips on hashtags. It’s been fun learning what they’re all about. Knowing all the nuances for how they’re used will hopefully help me get up the courage to start using them! I remember reading on your blog about how you’ve gotten into Instagram. Hopefully I’ll figure out how to make it more of a part of my routine, but I sure haven’t gotten there yet!

    1. It’s been fun to see all the different ways people enjoy participating online. You seem like you must have a good offline balance 🙂

  22. I love this post. I’m not the most tech-savvy person and I’ve had moments of feeling overwhelmed with all of the stuff out there — so nice to know I’m not alone! I like blogging and reading blogs for many of the reasons stated by others, but I also like twitter these days — such a great way to get “headlines” of information in a short amount of time and on a lot of different topics of interest. It also feels easier to communicate — more real-time than commenting on blogs. I like Pinterest as well for keeping track of inspiring images for future reference. I’m still trying to figure out Instagram. Pattern Review is a great resource but I find it difficult to navigate and so I don’t spend as much time there as I should. I like Ravelry and BurdaStyle but I just don’t spend a ton of time on those sites — it takes time to be active and keep up with all of the information, and I’d rather spend some of that time sewing and creating things!

    1. I think we’re in the same boat, Jean! Here’s to hoping things settle out here in the next little bit. And, until then, we can keep trying to figure it all out!

  23. I want to thank you, Amy, for raising these questions as they relate to our sewing lives. And thanks to all who have replied. So many of my questions have answered. In fact, it was just a week or two ago that I realized that it’s not hatchtag but hashtag. I had been mentally pronouncing it wrong. Love the Justin Timberlake and ??? video.
    You asked: how do you enjoy sharing online? Are you just a blog person, or do you venture into these other worlds?
    I enjoy reading about sewing projects, especially garments, especially the process, including techniques, what worked and what didn’t. Text and photos. I started a blog last year, and I try to document certain processes and create tutorials, but boy oh boy are they ever a lot of work (time, mostly, the most valuable resource we have). My intention was to help others, but the truth is that I go back and read old posts to remind myself of how I handled a certain technique.
    I am about to deactivate my Facebook account.
    I have accounts at Twitter (just getting to posting there but is it worth the time), Instagram (I think but haven’t used it), Flickr, which I use when I need to post a link to photos not at my blog, and Pinterest (I have pinned/followed a few people/projects) but don’t use it much.
    Sewing-focused sites: I am most active at Stitchers Guild (but nowhere near the activity level of many there), I am a non-paying member of Pattern Review and seldom visit, I think I joined BurdaStyle, and this is the first I’ve heard of the others in your question.
    I use bloglovin’ which I like except that it’s almost impossible to comment from my iPad. I also add blogs I like to follow to my blog roll on my blog; that seems to work better for me.

    But seeing this written down, no wonder I feel like I’m always behind with sewing-related social media! This isn’t a business for me, so it’s not like I’m trying to increase my online presence. Plus, is that time- and cost-effective for those that are trying to drive traffic to their Etsy or other online shops? I think I’m going to cut back even more. I’m pretty careful about time, and still I am not spending it as wisely as I would like to. And nobody else can improve that for me.

    I am also an occasional knitter, and I wish that the world of sewing had a site similar to Ravelry. (There’s also the Knitter’s Forum at but honestly, there’s nothing close to Ravelry — that I know of — for knitting.)

    When I come across a sewing tutorial that I think is great, I save it to my computer. Having bookmarked a few and then finding that they’ve been taken down before I get back to them has had this effect on me — better save it while I can. Of course that means I have a million tutorials on my computer. So I’m always decluttering that, too.

    In wrapping up my longest blog comment ever, I think that I wish I had more blog followers/commenters. I would like for more interaction there. But maybe we’re all spread too thin?
    Thanks, Amy, for asking these questions, and thanks, commenters: you have all given me a lot to think about.

    1. Wow! You save all your favorite sewing tutorials to your computer! I bet that makes for one awesome digital folder! I used to bookmark things, but then I would forget about them in the clutter, which is why I like the visual catalog that Pinterest provides. And, I have to agree – there’s something special about all that goes into a good blog post. The ideas, the photos, the story. It’s a great package. But, it does take forever to put together sometimes!

  24. About hashtags:
    * On Twitter, they are useful if you want to enter a conversation about a subject and be found by other people interested in the same thing (typical example: when you attend to a conference, now, there’s generally a hashtag attached, that way, you can see what other participants are saying, or even meet them!). Your tweets would still be found if you just wrote the words with no hashtags, though.
    * On Instagram, they are the only way your picture can be found by someone who doesn’t follow you (I only discovered this a few months ago).

    In short: on Twitter, the search is full text, but on Instagram, hashtags are the only indexed contents. I prefer not talking about Facebook (that I dislike tremendously) and Pinterest that I abandoned 2 years ago, fed up with the lack of proper attribution to most of the pins (but to be honest, I may be back soon).

    I enjoy Twitter because there are many people I know and interact with, there, and Instagram because it’s a great way for me to share pictures quickly, without over-thinking everything. I see it as a way to say “oh, look!”, since I share little beauties and quirks I notice in my everyday surroundings.

    About the fact that there’s no Ravelry for sewing, there was an interesting post and thread of comments on the subject on Abby Glassenberg’s blog last July: (there’s a link to Threadbias’ response in the list of related posts).

    I’ve been thinking about this question of the various online places where I share contents a lot, lately. And since I saw an online conference by Seth Godin where he mentioned that nowadays, in a way, with all those venues, we all own our own media company, I even have a cheeky nickname for this subject: MOMAC. My Own Media Company. 🙂

    1. Talk about down a rabbit hole! Whew! I had no idea all of this was going on about a Ravelry-type site for sewing people. Thanks, Verte Adélie, for your comment. (Oh and I check Seth Godin’s blog every day — he always gives me something to think about.)

    2. Wow! I hadn’t seen While She Naps original post or the follow up, and I definitely hadn’t heard of Threadbias. I’ve now signed up for the Threadbias site, but I’m not sure when I’ll have time to get into it. I wonder if people would be more likely to use just one site if it could pull together all the information member’s have already posted to other sites – that way you don’t have to repost old photos or reenter old pattern reviews – they’re all there together in one shiny site? One site to rule them all… Now I wonder what it would take to actually get these sites to merge into an easy-to-use shiny site?

  25. I’ve been away from sewing blogs for awhile so I didn’t know you’re pregnant–congratulations!!!

    Social media is crazy, I can’t keep up with all of it. I can barely keep up with blogs. Sometimes I just get overwhelmed and stop participating. I prefer blogs for crafts. I keep thinking I might get into twitter but never seem to do it. Facebook I mostly use with my family but then I started getting friend requests from people I went to high school with and I felt bad for not friending them and it got all cluttered with stuff I didn’t want to read. Especially the politics. I hate reading political opinions all over facebook! Pinterest I basically use as a giant bookmarking program. I actually don’t do much looking at other people’s boards unless I’m trying to find something in particular, then I might do a search which is way more interesting than a google image search.

    I do wish there was a ravelry for sewing, that would be awesome. I have spent a little time on Pattern Review but I haven’t made a profile or anything. I really want to like it but I just can’t get into it.

  26. I WISH I had time to have a blog, I wish that so much … but I don’t, but I love to read about sewing. And by read I mean WORDS, instructions, thoughts, musings – I appreciate the information so much. Pictures alone really don’t do it for me. So I read blogs, and I actually really like Stitchers Guild. I have a Facebook account to keep up with my family. No instagram, no twitter.

    1. While I also wish everyone who had any inkling to blog would start one, I can also appreciate how much time away from actual sewing they take. As long as you’re finding a way to enjoy participating, I think it’s all good!

  27. Totally late to the party but this was a fabulous read! I loved the youtube clip – hehe. I’m certainly not up on all of this stuff… I recently got sucked into twitter and that’s only because all the gals I meetup with at social sewing are on it and it’s a great way to chat publicly with all of them in between our once-a-month meetups! So I enjoy it because of that (and it’s generally only sewing talk). Instagram is just that extra piece of hay that breaks the camel’s back… I keep it to twitter for sewing and facebook for friends! Everything else is just ‘if I have time’. I love blogging and the blogging community though – it’s fabulous 🙂

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