Sneak Peek – My Last Maternity Makes… At Least for Now!

Maternity cowl and leggings made with Mood Fabrics jersey

Well, I’ve made what are likely to be my last maternity makes, at least for this pregnancy!  They’re live over on MSN today if you want a sneak peek before they show up here tomorrow.

Also, if you read to the end of that post, you’ll see that I’ll be taking a few months of leave from MSN so that I can spend some quality time with my newborn.  It was a hard decision to make since I really enjoy being a part of that group.  But, I’d rather take a few months off than get burnt out because I’m overextended.  I will still sew and blog here as much as I’m able, and I plan to jump back in to MSN sometime in the spring.  I already have plots and plans for so many new Mood projects!

16 thoughts on “Sneak Peek – My Last Maternity Makes… At Least for Now!

    1. I think the impending arrival of my little one is more the reason for stopping! I’m hoping my need for maternity clothes is almost over… Or, well, at least for clothes that fit an *expanding* belly. Hopefully! At least I’m ready to be finished being pregnant!!

  1. Love it! I’m always a bit worried about wool knit because it looks like it could be scratchy.. I assume given your love for it it’s not?

    1. This wool jersey really is pretty soft. It’s not silk jersey, of course, but it’s no where near typical wool either. It can get a tiny bit scratchy over my belly by the end of the day, but I assume that’s because it’s stretched so tightly there. So, I might advise you to think twice before planning on making a skin-tight dress with it. But, it feels warm and cozy around my neck and sleeves, even after an entire day of wear. I hope to open back up the seams and get rid of the extra 5″ of length I added to the belly so that I can have an everyday cowl once my maternity days are behind me. I hope that says a lot about how much I like this sweater! One thing I didn’t mention was that I pretreated the wool jersey by simply throwing it into the dryer with the damp legging fabric.

  2. I am looking through all your gorgeous makes as I just found out a friend is expecting TWINS and I am going to help her with her wardrobe – it’s been 12 years since I was pregnant, so I need some refreshing! Your adaptations are inspiring – what patterns/ designs have been most comfy?

    1. Twins! How exciting! I’ve worn a lot of dresses and tunics over leggings and pants since it’s been winter through the hardest-to-fit part of my pregnancy. If your friend is due in the summer or early fall, you might think knit skirts and dresses. Wide, knit waistbands that cover the bump have been wonderful, and they’re easy to put on a typical knit skirt pattern. I’ve loved the BurdaStyle twist dress that I’ve made twice this pregnancy since it has enough fabric that it’s adapted well to my bump at all sizes, but I’d recommend to sew the V-neckline further up than they suggest, unless your friend is very comfortable with her cleavage!

  3. Lovely! I think a break is a wise decision. You don’t need any extra pressure during that time. All the best! L x

  4. I love it I have some wool jersey from mood to sew into a cowl neck Renfrew shirt . I will follow your tip for prepping in the dryer with wet fabric for leggings. It was smart of you to take a small break from other commitments, its nice to just focus on being a new mom and the baby.Best wishes.

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