Book Learning

Sew Well - Blindstitch

Today’s Book: Couture Sewing Techniques by Claire Shaeffer

Today’s Lesson:  Blindstitch, p. 35

Today’s Project: That wrap dress I’ve been talking about for months.

After finishing my husband’s shirt, I immediately started working on a wrap dress. I bumped this particular dress to the top of my sewing list because I’m borrowing vintage Vogue 1548 (an original DVF pattern!) from a friend, and I wanted the chance to make the dress up for the first time using the original instructions. (And, I’ve already kept the pattern for too long!)

I’m glad I did because one of the last steps in bodice construction is to blindstitch the facing in place, a step I might not have been brave enough to try without being explicitly told to in the instructions.

Make tiny stitches along the front center of my silk jersey dress?!

Even though I know that I’m supposed to blindstitch the facing down, I’m pretty fearful that my stitches won’t be as blind as they should be. So, I pulled out one of my trusty sewing books to make sure I was doing the stitch correctly.

I’m now trying my best to “take a tiny stitch in the garment skimming the backs of several threads,” as the instructions suggest.  Hopefully my efforts will pay off.

Any tips out there from those more experienced in getting a truly blind blindstitch?

9 thoughts on “Book Learning

  1. It helps if you choose a thinner needle and keep a fair amount of slack in the thread so that it isn’t distorting the fabric at all. Use a good light so you can catch just a few threads and take your time–you can do it!

    1. Thanks! I am using one of those incredibly thin silk needles – I can’t imagine one thinner! Hopefully it’ll help! I’m also trying to keep things slack, but I’ll pay more attention there, too.

  2. I agree with the previous comment–the biggest challenge I’ve had in blindstitching is that I tend to pull the stitches too tight, and then they’re really obvious from the front!

    1. I’ve been trying to focus on keeping my stitches loose. I’m getting a lot of practice because there’s a lot of blind stitching with this dress! I’m finally working my way around the hem…

    1. I really like the book, but then I pretty much like all books. My husband and I have a basement full of books that we reference all the time. I’m sure I could find a lot of the information online, but I really like flipping through a trusted book to find a technique like this one.

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