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Mulberry Roses Neoprene Dress

I'm not sure how many of you also follow the Mood Sewing Network, but my newest dress went live there yesterday. This dress was definitely an experiment for me. As you'll read, I'm happy with the result (I feel great wearing it!), but I'm not quite sure I did the fabric or the pattern justice by combining… Continue reading Mulberry Roses Neoprene Dress

Finished Project · Sewing

A Little Reversible Scalloped Skirt

This project was one of those that started with the pattern.  Maris of Sew Maris posted a sneak peek of her Cosmos reversible skirt pattern, and I was taken by the idea of a reversible skirt. By the end of a typical day, whatever top my daughter is wearing will likely be covered in a… Continue reading A Little Reversible Scalloped Skirt

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Tutorial: Adding Pockets to a Knit Waistband

I recently got inspired to make a million running skirts.  And by a million, I mean five.  But, making five felt like a million because assembly line sewing means even when you're on the next to last step, you still have so much left to do!  Especially when deconstructing a ready-to-wear waistband pocket modification is… Continue reading Tutorial: Adding Pockets to a Knit Waistband