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Save-the-Date Books

In between sewing projects in 2011, I’m going to recount the sewing projects that I completed in 2010.   This post is one of those projects.

A page from our save-the-date books.

When I got my sewing machine in December 2009, I was engaged and crafting up a storm.  I found there was nothing like an upcoming wedding to boost my creativity.  I knew my next project was the save the dates for the wedding, but my now husband and I hadn’t hit upon what exactly we wanted to send to our guests.  All I knew right then was that I didn’t want to send just a note with the date. 

To be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of save the dates since I figured the important people would already know when the wedding was.  But, my mom and now husband convinced me that so many of our guests would be traveling that they needed a save the date to help them plan their trip.  That logic made a lot of sense to me, but it meant that our save the dates had to have some substance.

After some input from my mom and some brainstorming with my now husband, we decided to make little save-the-date books.  My husband and I love books.  Our tiny apartment is more library than anything.  So, books seemed fitting.  And, books would allow us to provide our guests with lots of information.  The key to making the books was the sewing machine:  we used it to bind the pages together.  It was a simple, yet elegant solution.

The book’s cover was a water color of the state of Virginia, the wedding destination, to inspire our guests to think of the wedding as a fun vacation in an interesting place rather than just a quick weekend in who-knows-where.  It was made out of a thick card stock to give it more of a book-like feel.  The middle pages were all nice text-weight paper.  On the first page was written the traditional save-the-date text for our Friday-night wedding.  The second page was blank, but the third page told guests to save the weekend, with a fitting image from Alice in Wonderland, since events would be happening on Saturday as well.  The fourth page is shown in the picture above and introduced the detailed information for our out-of-town guests, like airport and accommodation information, which were on the next few pages.  Finally, we signed the last page to make each book a little more personal.

My now husband, a wonderful neighbor, and I printed, cut, painted, and sewed each of the save the dates together.  With two sewing machines running, we had them done in no time.  We ran a single stitch down the center of the book and through all of the pages, and we left little ends of string on both the top and the bottom for detail.  And, voilá, save-the-date books!

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