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A Golden Bear

Have you hugged a bear today?

For Christmas I promised my brother and his wife a golden bear blanket for their future baby.  I made it in my sewing class at Eddie’s Quilting Bee last Wednesday, but I had trouble embroidering the eyes and nose and wasn’t able to finish the blanket in class.

This weekend I purchased some actual embroidery thread, and it made all of the difference.  After just a few moments work, I was able to give the bear sight and smell.

On Sunday friends stopped by with their little one-and-a-half year old girl, and I showed her the blanket to test whether it would be kid approved.  And, I’m happy to say that she spent the majority of her time at our house carrying around the golden bear.  Hopefully my future niece/nephew will share the same interest in this fuzzy, yellow hybrid.

The bear is now in a box waiting to journey to Seattle.  Bon voyage, golden bear, bon voyage.

A roadkill view of the full blanket.
The lighting was better in this picture, so this yellow is closer to the blanket's true color.

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