Gray Armani Jacket: The Collar

Up close and personal with the new collar.

This past weekend I was able to make another baby step towards finishing my birthday jacket:  I made and attached the collar.  The collar required interfacing, which is part of the reason for the delay in its construction.  Up until December, I’d neither purchased nor used interfacing.  Last month I finally picked some up at a fabric sale, knowing that I needed it for this project.

I hadn’t taken note of what kind of interfacing I needed, so I picked up some light-weight sew-in interfacing.  I used it first to make the Christmas purse for my mom (will have to wait for a future post), and I had an easy time with it.  This past weekend I finally pulled it out to use with the collar, and I noticed that the pattern instructions actually called for fusible interfacing.  I continued with the sew-in interfacing anyway, but I used care to try to make the interfacing match the fancy fabric as best as I could with a lot of pinning.  I didn’t notice any problems, but since I’ve never used fusible interfacing, I’m not sure if I would even know what to look for.

Next up:  the lining.

The progress of the jacket to date.

5 thoughts on “Gray Armani Jacket: The Collar

  1. Wow! That is looking great!…. I wouldn’t use fusible interfacing in a jacket collar, even if the pattern calls for it,…. and with this fabric, I would use only sew in interfacing. Luck is with you for it turning out perfectly. How does it fit?

    1. Thanks! As for the fit – I cut out the size you suggested, and it seems to fit well. Although, since I’m still so new at this, I have a hard time guessing the final fit without the sleeves and buttons in place.

  2. I just had a thought… I haven’t looked at the construction/instructions to this pattern, but it is your first jacket and the underside of this fabric is as cute as the face…. If you don’t mind losing the slip-and-slide on-and-off factor of lining — drop it. We can talk about your options for finishing the seams, so it looks good inside and out – hong kong or serging – then you could roll right into the sleeves…. basting them into the armhole with long hand stitches first. That way if there are any fit adjustments to make, it will be easy… and all you’ll have to do then is hem and it will be done!

    1. I’ve actually already cut out all of the lining pieces. The underside of the fabric is cute, but I’m excited to see how the whole project comes together – lining and all. These are good thoughts though if I have problems putting the lining together or for future projects. Thanks!

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