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Burberry Frenchy Bag

In between sewing projects in 2011, I’m going to recount the sewing projects that I completed in 2010.   This post is one of those projects.

A small Frenchy Birthday Purse

This small Burberry purse is the first ever sewing project I completed in which I followed a legitimate pattern. I’m thankful for all of the sewing lessons that I received from Susanne while we were working on my wedding dress. Those lessons gave me the confidence to make a little bag for my sister-in-law for her birthday. I used left over Burberry fabric from the wedding and followed the “Frenchy Bag” pattern by Amy Butler. Even though it was my first attempt to follow a pattern, I had an easy enough time with the pattern directions.  I modified the final purse a bit to fit the materials that I had on hand, and it’s far from perfect, but I was very pleased with the finished product.

I’ve since made two more of these little bags, both for birthday presents.

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