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The Gorgeous Fabrics

This February I’m sewing along with Male Pattern Boldness and a bunch of other talented seamsters. We’re all making men’s shirts. Mine is for my husband, and here’s a reflection on my efforts to sew well.

The fabrics, pattern, and buttons.

I eagerly opened my mailbox today in anticipation of another package from  I leapt in excitement at seeing the priority mail package, knowing that it meant that the linen for my husband’s Sew-Along shirt was finally here.

Before I begin with these gorgeous fabrics, I need to work out the kinks with the fit.  A fellow Sew-Along member suggested that my husband might need a square-shoulder adjustment, and, now that I know of such a thing, I tend to agree.  My weekend plan is to iron the muslin and take more photos (a suggestion from the Sew-Along leader), including one with both arms out like a T, to get a better appreciation for the fit.  I’m also going to try to work out the details for the square-shoulder adjustment.  If I need to go that route, another muslin might be in my future.

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