Spring 2011 Pantone

Anticipated colors and fashions for this spring and summer. All images taken from material at  Click to enbiggen.

Today marks the spring equinox: days are getting longer and warmer, flowers are dotting the landscape with color, and the world feels alive.

Since my sewing skills and ambitions are still in their infancy, I’m only now starting to think about making a few clothing items for spring and summer. But, I like the idea of sewing things for spring and summer during the previous winter and things for fall and winter during the previous summer, so I’m going to keep my goals for this season small. That way I’ll be able to move on to fall and winter plans once summer rolls around.

For a bit of inspiration, I made a collage from Pantone’s spring 2011 palette. During April I’m going to try to make a pair of long, lean pants in a neutral color, similar to those seen above in the Silver Peony pantone.

Why pants in a neutral for my next big project? I actually got the idea from my vintage sewing book, Singer Sewing Series for Home and Fashion. Chapter 1 is all about pants. I figure the book will give me guidance for pants similar to what I got during the men’s shirt Sew-Along last month. I plan to post fun facts and tidbits I find useful from the book here on the blog. The neutral color is in the hopes that these pants will become a staple of my wardrobe long past this coming season.

I’m also going to try my hand at another jacket, this time in a brilliant orange that’s reminiscent of the deep V-neck top in the Coral Rose pantone above. My mother-in-law recently gifted me the pieces to this half-finished jacket, which she started back when she was my age – or younger. I think it’ll be a fun challenge to figure out how to finish putting it together – sans pattern instructions.

If I can finish both of those, then I’d love to try my hand at my first dress, something like those in the pink Honeysuckle pantone above. Since Honeysuckle is supposedly the color of the year, I hope to be able to continue to wear the dress into the fall and winter with the right layering.

Hopefully these goals are manageable. Work has been all consuming lately, but I do think sewing has helped me maintain my balance and sanity. Now to begin hunting for fabric and patterns.

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