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Four Nearly Finished Baby Blankets

Four baby blankets - three pink and one blue - ready to be brought to life.

Last night I managed to make a lot of headway towards checking the last goal of my March goals off of my list:  make (four!) more baby blankets.  I precut the minky over the weekend so that I’d have a fighting chance at getting the blankets finished during my sewing class at Eddie’s Quilting Bee.  And, though I wasn’t able to finish all of the blankets before the end of class, I was proud of how much I was able to get done.

The rest of the class was making fabric binder covers, which are sort of like the book covers I used to make out of paper grocery bags for my text books during high school.  I wasn’t really excited to make a cover for my binder, but I was excited to make blankets for all of my family and friends having babies this year, which is why I opted to repeat January’s class instead.  I did feel like the odd kid out in the class as I was pinning and sewing my minky while everyone else was measuring their binders and cutting their cotton.  It’s supposedly okay to repeat a class, but I don’t think it’s preferred.  Now that I’ve opted to repeat a previous project two months in a row, I figure I should really make the class assignments during the next couple of months.

All that said, I’m very happy I was able to get a huge chunk of the baby blankets out of the way last night.  All of the bodies are done, and all of the heads are together.  I still need to stuff the heads, sew them closed, attach them to the blankets, and embroider the eyes (and one bear’s nose).  Since I had such a tough time with the embroidering while making my first blanket, I might shift the order of things and try embroidering now, while I can still put the heads on an embroidery hoop.  But, to do so, I’ll first need to get an embroidery hoop.  It’s hard to justify another sewing expense right now though – I’ve definitely maxed out the hobby budget this month.  But, for a gift?  It’s probably worth it!

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