Heffalumps and Woozles

And then there was one.

The baby blankets are almost done.  Instead of going out and buying an embroidery hoop, as I discussed last time, I decided to look around the house for materials that I could use as a makeshift hoop.  I was a bit stumped until my husband had the idea to use a mason jar lid.

My makeshift embroidery hoop.

It worked well, and I was excited to share my find with you.  But, after making my way through two elephants, I’ve given up on this MacGyver of a hoop.  I just had too much trouble keeping the rubber band on.  I think it still has promise, but my last two blankets will likely be completely hand sewn.  On the bright side, doing the embroidery while the heads are unstuffed is still much easier than last time – when I did the embroidery as the very last step, after the bear’s head was both stuffed and sewn onto the blanket.

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