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A Plethora of Fabric Flowers

In between sewing projects in 2011, I’m going to recount the sewing projects that I completed in 2010. This post is one of those projects.

Fabric flowers galore.

I was hoping to post my previous projects in chronological order, but I forgot about this one since it didn’t involve my sewing machine. But, it used fabric, needle, and thread, so I think it should count among my 2010 sewing projects.

My husband and I did not have a bridal party in our wedding. No sea of bridesmaids and groomsmen at the front of the ceremony wearing pink silk taffeta and black wool, respectively. That doesn’t mean that we didn’t depend on our family and friends to help make the evening magical. We just didn’t want full-time attendants. That also doesn’t mean that we didn’t want to honor our families. We still wanted to show them off, which led me to my first do-it-yourself wedding project: fabric flowers for each of the women in our families. Wearing this small gift during the wedding would be a subtle way to identify our family members among our guests.

The inspiration from Martha Stewart Weddings.

Fabric flowers are all the wedding rage right now. Though it may be a passing fad, I personally liked them because I thought they fit well into our wedding locale – an historic garden in Virginia. We hoped to capitalize on the beauty of the garden by bringing it into the ceremony and reception in ways that didn’t involve lots of waste. I imagined the fabric flowers being worn as corsages or hair pieces the day of the wedding, which they were, and then being added to our female family members’ wardrobe accessories when they got home, which I hope they have.

I chose to use bridal fabrics for the flowers so that my family might feel more deeply connected to the wedding. I used a mixture of tulles and organzas to give each flower body and depth. To each of the flowers I attached a hair rubber band so that they could be worn around the wrist, slipped around a strap, or tied into an updo. I was happy with the results.

I got the idea from Ms. Martha Stewart. I would walk you through it, but the templates and how-to instructions can already be found here. I chose to make the fabric peonies and the garden roses. I even scaled up the largest rose pattern to make the flower that I wore in my hair during the wedding, which was sewn to a hair comb and fixed in place with bobby pins.

Thinking about making some for yourself? Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

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