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Fabric Swatches

During the second half of April, I’m sewing along with Tasia at A bunch of other talented seamsters and I are all making her just-released Crescent skirt pattern. Here’s a reflection on my efforts to sew well.

The fashion fabric choices for the Crescent skirt.

What an adventure to get to the mailboxes today. Without any notice, the managers of my tiny apartment building decided to tear down the fence that runs along the tiny sidewalk that I use to get to my front door, sending a forest of ancient ivy, which had formerly been growing all over the fence, into a two-foot high jumble that was physically barring me not only from my apartment but also from our complex’s mailboxes.

I managed to hop and climb my way over to the mailboxes, and I’m glad I did. Inside were my fabric swatches from Above are the colorful choices for the Crescent skirt Sew-Along. While I want them all, I still think my favorite is the black-and-white satin organza. It seems both classy and versatile, and I can imagine pairing a skirt made from it with a variety of tops.

I also received swatches for my spring pants, which have not been completely sidelined, especially since Peter’s jeans Sew-Along is coming up in a month.

Denims and neutrals for the spring pants.

Who knew denim could be so soft? I love the true brown though. I pulled an outfit out of the Spring 2011 Pantone post (again!) for fun and inspiration. I’m not going to let those pants be pushed too far off.

An all over brown.

Also, remember last week when I was plotting and planning away? I spoke with Susanne about using the cotton voile for a spring dress and got a good lesson in making sure to match fabric with pattern. The dress I was inspired by was a cute little wrap dress that I saw on BurdaStyle. The fabric that I thought was similar in pattern was, as already noted, a cotton voile. Susanne replied,

The dress is made using knits, and the voile is a woven… Wovens require ease, or more room, to move, and knits are made snug.

But, she did suggest that I look for a pattern that was meant for a woven fabric, so all hope is not lost! Time, maybe, but hope, not so.

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