A Skirt to Match

A skirt to match my trench coat.

After all of the cutting and ironing, I was dying to see how the gabardine and Burberry would sew up, but I didn’t want to get ahead of the Sew-Along. So, tonight I whipped up the skirt from the Simplicity 6976 pattern. It’s a simple A-line skirt in the very neutral camel gabardine, but the skirt facing is the Burberry rain wear, which is a fun touch that I’m very happy about.

The skirt still needs a zipper and a hem, but I’m going to wait to put in the last stitches once the trench coat is finished. If I do end up wearing them together, should the hem of the skirt peek out below the trench coat? Hemmed as is, the skirt will be a couple inches longer than the trench coat. Since the skirt and trench coat are the exact same neutral color, does it even matter? Maybe I should just focus on finding the skirt length that’s most flattering on me?

9 thoughts on “A Skirt to Match

  1. i think skirt length that is most flattering is the best way to go =)

    you are quite the seamstress! is that your own manequin-thingy?

    1. The dress form used to belong to my Grandmother, and then my parents gifted it to me this past Christmas. I brought it home on the airplane if you can imagine!

      I think you’re right about the skirt length. Funny that I don’t even know what length of skirt is best for me… I guess now is a better time than any to figure that out!

  2. I quite like how the pattern has 2 lengths – one longer than the coat, and one shorter – I think they both work! I cut the skirt too, just managed to squeeze it out, but it had to be the short one.
    Yours looks great made up, it is handy to have a matching skirt for those ‘hard to find anything to wear’ days!

    1. I had enough fabric to cut for the longer of the two. I figure I can always go shorter. I picked up a zipper last night so that I can finish up all but the hem. Then I’ll pin it to check for length. Any suggestions as to how to determine if a length is “flattering”?

  3. What a cute little skirt! I’m doing the sewalong, too, and I’m thinking of making a skirt this afternoon from my jacket fabric because I’m itching to get into the sewing and I find making a skirt or pants before the jacket helps give me an idea of how the fabric behaves before I’m elbows deep in tailoring.

    I plan to make a post on skirt lengths, and playing with golden ratio numbers. It’s something I do regularly and sometimes mention, but I want to go into it in depth so other people can use the same principles for themselves….

    Cool blog, I like the Julius Caesar quote.

    1. Yes, do post on skirt lengths. I’m just getting ready to insert the zipper, and then all I’ll have left to do is the hem. I still might wait and hem the skirt once the coat is complete, but I like the idea of a flattering length better than an arbitrary length due to the length of my coat or the length of the pattern.

      I remember the golden ratio from school… It would be fun to pull it back out to help guide my sewing. And, what a fun blog you have. Thanks for saying hello and sending me your link. I can’t wait to see how your corduroy jacket turns out!

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