A Button-Down Shirt for Me?

I wore a favorite button-down shirt of mine to my sewing class on Tuesday. I’ve never stopped to consider why this particular shirt is a favorite, I just knew that I liked it. Part way through the class, the instructor walked over and peeked at the back of my shirt.

In explanation she said, “Your shirt fits you really well. I’ve been noticing nice fitted shirts on TV recently, but they all have lacing in the back.” She was curious whether my shirt fit me so nicely because it was laced, but this particular shirt is lace free.

Together we looked at the structure of my shirt. It has princess seams in the front and the back and has shape in the side seam, which we decided made all the difference in the fit.

While making my husband’s shirt in February, I learned a lot about shirt construction and even a bit about making a pattern from an existing shirt (thanks to the Sew-Along Flickr group!). Maybe I should take a crack at making a pattern from this favorite button-down shirt of mine? Maybe it’s time for me to make a shirt for myself? Maybe from this gorgeous shirting? Oh là là!

Brilliant cotton and wool plaid shirting.

Time to learn a bit about matching plaids… After I finish my coat, skirts, and pants, of course.

2 thoughts on “A Button-Down Shirt for Me?

  1. Hee, I had to see who the other Amy was in the jacket sew-along ;). I got interested in doing button-down shirts this year (for me and him) and have a few patterns, but… I’ve thought about taking apart a shirt that fits me. I have an old western shirt that fits amazingly and am trying to decide if I can part with it. (I know I don’t have to take it apart but I’ve not been very successful copying that way!)

    1. Hi Amy! It’s nice to meet you, and I’m very thankful your curiosity brought you here. I checked out your blog, and I’m excited to follow your Sew-Along progress. Your white jacket inspiration is amazing! As for making a pattern from a well-fitting shirt, I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t had much success. There’s no way I’d want to unpick the seams on this favorite shirt! Once I can find the time, I’m going to give it a go, and hopefully I’ll be able to make a muslin that will at least start me on the path to recreating the fit of this shirt.

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