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Gabardine Skirt: Completed!

Since it felt like ages since I actually finished something, I pulled out the simple A-line gabardine skirt, tacked down the belt loops, realigned the side zipper, and took to the hem.

I was going for a length just under the knee, where the curve of my calf comes in.  This length is flattering on the leg and also matches the length calculated from the golden ratio for the ideal skirt hem, as I learned after writing this post.  I marked the length, then added a quarter of an inch to be safe, but I still came out a bit on the short side.

I used a blind hem stitch (for the second time ever), and though you can see the line of the hem in the photo, the stitches are nearly invisible.  There’s also a line where the facing at the top of the skirt, which I cut from the Burberry rainwear, ends.  Maybe a wash will soften those lines?

Regardless, I’m excited to have finally finished something.  April was a busy month of starting projects, and I hope May will be the same for finishing projects.

8 thoughts on “Gabardine Skirt: Completed!

    1. Yes, hooray for completing a project! And, thank you for your compliment. I give the credit to all of the running I do.

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