A Brightly Colored Zoo

Exhibit A:  Animal blankets in their natural habitat.

Over the past few months, these blankets have added a nice pop of color in the homes of my friends and family.  The pink bear and hippo blankets have provided an outside-of-the-belly baby presence for my friend who’s going to have twins any day now.  She and her husband already know which girl gets the bear and which gets the hippo, and they’ve been caught talking to the blankets as if they’re the respective girls.  The blankets sit on the top of their couch – the perfect place for them to act as pillows as well.  The pink elephant is the only blanket that was given to a toddler.  She calls it “elephant blanket” and, though it’s not her go-to stuffed animal, it has gained a place of prominence in her life.  In fact, the other night when she couldn’t sleep, she asked for elephant blanket.  How cute!  My co-worker with the blue elephant has reported that the blankets go through the washing machine perfectly, which is a relief since the head is hand stitched to the blanket, and I must admit I was a bit worried about their hardiness.  Finally, my brother and his wife are good at sharing photos of their golden bear blanket in various baby gear.  Since they live hundreds of miles away, I enjoy being able to share in their joy as they prepare for their child.  See that Ergo in the collage above (the green backpack-style baby carrier)?  That was their shower gift from my husband and me, and my brother and his wife were thoughtful enough to show us it in use thanks to the golden bear.  (As an aside, if you’re in the market for your own Ergo, there’s a giveaway going on over at Make Baby Stuff for the next couple of days.)

It’s wonderful to have a(n obsessive) hobby that allows you to give to other people.  I get so much joy hearing these stories and seeing these photos.  To keep spreading the love, I have three more animal blankets on the way.  I’m going to make another pink elephant for a local friend who’s having a girl, a white polar bear for a college friend having a boy, and a white cat for another college friend.  I drafted the cat pattern myself, so I’m excited to see how it turns out.  These blankets are easy to make up, so I should be able to get to them between finishing my Crescent skirt and adding my buttons to my trench coat.  Photos of the finished blankets to come!

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