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Crescent Skirt: Completed!

During the second half of April and into May, I’m sewing along with Tasia at A bunch of other talented seamsters and I are all making her just-released Crescent skirt pattern. This post marks its completion.

What’s black and white and red all over?

Give up?

Me, wearing my just-completed Crescent skirt and blushing at my terrible self-timer photography skills.  My husband is out of town, so I pulled out the tripod and tried to capture both the classic beauty and the fun, flirty spirit of this skirt.  I thought I had several good photos.  You’ll have to settle for a single side view for now.

Since the last post, I added the waistband facing, the zipper, and the hem.  The only major trouble I had was sewing down the facing.  Tasia recommends “stitch[ing] within the ditch,” but I had a disaster of a time keeping everything neat.  The seam ripper and I were getting too close for comfort, so I chose instead to slipstitch the facing down.

For the hem I followed the guidelines in Sandra Betzina’s More Fabric Savvy.  I folded the hem up 1/4 inches, then again 1/4 inches, and stitched along the top of the fold.  Though there’s a visible line of stitching all the way around, it’s a nice, neat finish, and I’m pleased with how it turned out.

I enjoyed making this pattern.  It taught me a lot about gathering full skirts, adding pockets, waistband construction, and zipper insertion.  It also gave me more practice fitting a pattern.  Tasia’s patterns are designed with pear-shaped women in mind.  I’m more of a pencil, so I had to taper the waistband down in order to get a snug fit.  I left the skirt pattern pieces as is, figuring that I would just end up with a little extra gathering, which I tried to focus at the center front.

A depiction of my pattern alterations.

I wore the skirt to a Memorial Day barbecue today with the top shown above, a cardigan, and some sandals.  My friends have been hearing a lot about this skirt lately, and it was fun to finally show it off.  Another successful Sew-Along completed!

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