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More Photos of the Crescent Skirt

During the second half of April and into May, I sewed along with Tasia at A bunch of other talented seamsters and I all made her just-released Crescent skirt pattern. This post continues the discussion of the completed skirt.

After only capturing a couple of decent photos of my finished Crescent skirt in last week’s photo shoot, I had to try again. I pulled out my camera and tripod before work this morning, taking care to set up in a spot where the camera could focus on auto-timer. This time around I took a crazy number of photos, hoping to get a few shots of the skirt in action. Here are a few that captured the fit and drape of the skirt. I really wanted to show just how much life this skirt has from the satin organza fashion fabric!

I love the pockets. They blend in perfectly with the gathering. I bet I could hide quite a few things in them, and no one would be the wiser. And, now that I’ve seen how to construct the pockets in this pattern, I think I could draft similar pockets in almost any skirt with side seams.

Another shot from the front, and one final shot from the back.

Mena from the Sew Weekly just posted a hint as to next week’s challenge that included twenty black and white prints. It’s been a while since I was able to enter something into one of her challenges, so I’ll be crossing my fingers that my black and white skirt meets the criteria.

4 thoughts on “More Photos of the Crescent Skirt

    1. Thanks! I noticed that you like to keep your skirts longer. I thought about making this a just-below-knee-length skirt, but the organza just seemed so fun and flirty – like it really wanted to be a shorter skirt. I’m still new to sewing, so I never even considered what the print would want to be! I’m glad to hear that you think it works. That means a lot!

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