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Burberry-Inspired Trench Coat: Completed!

This April, May, and now June I’m sewing along with Sherry at Pattern~Scissors~Cloth. A bunch of other talented seamsters and I are all making coats following the construction methods used in ready-to-wear tailoring. Mine is a Burberry-inspired trench coat, and this post marks its completion.

Finally.  The end of the Sew-Alongs is here.  After a stressful afternoon (To paraphrase:  a cyclist ran into the side of my car while I was stopped at a red light and then carried on their merry way, no apology or concern at all.  Had they stopped, I think my focus would have been on them – were they okay?  But, they kept biking, essentially making it a hit and run while I was in the car.  When confronted, they told me it was my fault because my window was in their way – which doesn’t make any sense and just confirms that they were CRAZY.  I was pretty shaken up.) I came home and wanted nothing more than to get lost in some sort of relaxing, meditative activity.  So, I tackled the last four of the buttons on my trench coat.

As I wrote earlier, I was inspired by a trench coat in a Burberry advertisement featuring Emma Watson.  I took a pattern from my stash, vintage Simplicity 6976, for the basic shape and then began to draft the changes that I wanted.  I added a collar with collar stand, storm flaps, pleats at the shoulder, six rows of buttons, and a belt.  I’m extremely happy with the result, but next time I’ll make the collar a little wider, leave out the shoulder pleats, make sure that my waistline and the hem of the coat better match the golden ratio, and raise the bottom of the storm flaps.  Here’s how my final coat compared with the advertisement:

And, a close up showing most of the details I added:

Finally, a shot to show off the Burberry lining:

I was headed to a friend’s “White” party, which is why I’m all dolled up.  My husband was gracious enough to drive us there since I wasn’t about to get behind the wheel of a car again yesterday.  After a long day it was fun to get to show off yet another completed, handmade item to my friends.

20 thoughts on “Burberry-Inspired Trench Coat: Completed!

  1. Amy, it’s beautiful! I’m just getting around to checking blogs after a break from blogland but it’s great to see this finished! I love the big buttons and I always love when trench coats are hiding something elegant underneath. Such a cool contrast.

    And what’s up with “your window got in my way”?

  2. Amazing!!! No one would ask you this question if it’s ‘handmade’? when they see this coat. I just found your blog today and thoroughly enjoying your sewing creations.

  3. Hi Amy,

    Your coat is wonderful. You are an excellent crafts person. Pam Cortese at in Santa Rosa teaches a How to Sew a Trench Coat class and the students always have a lot of fun with that one.

  4. Woaw ! This is really impressive.
    I am french, looking for patterns to sew myself this burberry trench-coat and I am very happy I came accross yours, so beautiful !!!! the one I am planning to do is this one , which pattern do you thing I should use ? Yours (vintage Simplicity 6976) or this one ?

    thanks and again, congratulations, you must be so proud!!!

  5. What a wonderful inspiration. I have a similar burberry stripe fabric. It’s a double cloth trench coat fabric with a red side and a Burberry stripe on it. I bought it from Michael’s fabrics and have been too afraid to cut into ‘official” burberry but now I might have to 😉

    1. You should! I have enough of this fabric left over to hopefully make another coat as well! Have you seen the one on Miss Celie’s Pants?

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