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Hot Potato!

After work yesterday I jumped into my car and headed over to Eddie’s Quilting Bee for my monthly sewing class.  On the docket were three patterns from The Teacher’s Pet:  “Hot Potato,” “Corn Cocoon,” and “Wrap Warmer.”  All three patterns provide instructions for making bags meant for cooking food in the microwave, and they all rely on an all-cotton batting called Warm Tater for their magic.  We could choose one, two, or all three, and we could make as many as we wanted during the three-hour class.

As I’m sure you’ve deduced, the first is meant for potatoes, the second for corn, and the third for tortillas.  Unfortunately, none seemed perfect for our kitchen.  Despite our love for potatoes, my husband and I rarely eat whole baked potatoes.  We boil corn.  And, we keep our tortillas in the freezer so that they’ll stay fresh longer, and I can imagine the disaster we’d have trying to stuff a frozen tortilla into a round cloth pocket.

I decided to go with the potato bag since I figured having a quick way to cook baked potatoes might encourage us to eat them more often.  Supposedly, these bags make soft and fluffy potatoes in minutes in the microwave, just like when they’re slowly cooked in the oven.

I bought the pattern and the Warm Tater batting and then headed upstairs to the classroom so that I could cut everything before class began.  Only when I laid everything out did I realize that the Warm Tater cotton batting came with free instructions for making a potato bag.  Their pattern makes a square bag that is similar in design to the “Wrap Warmer” and is large enough for potatoes, corn, tortillas, and rolls.  So, if you’re inclined to make yourself your own potato bag and either can’t find The Teacher’s Pet patterns or don’t want to spend money on a pattern, just use the pattern on the side of the Warm Tater batting.  It is online as well, if you’d rather save it to your computer as a .pdf.

An important thing to consider with these microwavable bags is that all of their materials must be cotton:  cotton batting, cotton fabric, cotton thread.  Synthetics and microwaves shouldn’t mix.  I decided to use cotton muslin and purple cotton thread, although the suggested fabric is a cute cotton covered in potatoes:

Although, this fabric would have also been fun for a more abstract sweet potato/potato bag:

Anyway, as you can see from the first photo, my bag ended up being fairly plain, but there is a fun hint of color since I wanted to practice my topstitching. I haven’t used this little bag yet, but I’ll report back on whether it lives up to its reputation.

As a side note, take care when using anything like these bags in the microwave.  You don’t want their sides to touch the edges of the microwave, and you don’t want to stick them in the microwave without anything inside of them.  Flames in the kitchen are bad.

4 thoughts on “Hot Potato!

    1. I still haven’t used it, but I agree that it’s a cute idea. It was simple to make, too, which is always a fun plus.

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