Cat Love, Tilly, and Sublime Stitching

One of my favorite sewing blogs to read is Tilly and the Buttons.  Her excitement about sewing is contagious, and everything she makes is super cute.  This week she hosted a contest for Sublime Stitching, in which you could win the transfers for making beach babes, shown above, and a tote bag on which to embroider them, shown below.

To enter the contest, you had to leave a comment on Tilly’s blog post saying what you’d embroider of your own design.  Figuring I had a slim-to-none chance to win, which would mean that almost no one would actually see my comment, I exposed my crazy cat love, saying:

Hello from a long time reader. Thanks for hosting such a fun contest. As a crazy cat person (in secret?), I would like to embroider a cute little grey-haired lady surrounded by about 20 cats. Doing all kinds of cat things. Maybe on the bottom of a cardigan?

This morning I was greeted by the best surprise:  I won!  So, now all of Tilly’s readers know of my crazy cat love.  Awesome.  It’s worth it though for the chance to try out one of Sublime Stitching’s designs.  Want to know more about Sublime Stitching?  Check out Tilly’s interview with the owner, Jenny Hart.

And, so that you’ll understand a bit of where my crazy cat love comes from, here are my two beautiful cats, Maya and Wiley.



Anyway, back to the subject at hand:  embroidery winnings.  I’ll definitely be posting about my success embroidering these transfers on the tote bag.  What a perfect summer beach bag it’ll make.  I can’t wait!

9 thoughts on “Cat Love, Tilly, and Sublime Stitching

  1. Congratulations! I just went on a research mission to find out what sewing groups/businesses were in Austin and found out about Sublime Stitching – and now I see it all over the blogs! Your cat beauties are so exotic–what breed are they? I have a secret there, too, and fear I am turning into crazy cat lady; thankfully I also have dogs to round out catness around here.

    1. I can’t wait to try out their embroidery! I have a giant stash of embroidery thread just waiting for the winnings to arrive. It’s exciting that you’re in the same town as Sublime Stitching. Have you met the owner? About my cats – they’re both Siberian. Among this breed’s many advantages is that they’re somewhat hypoallergenic, which is important for my household because my husband is deathly allergic to most cats. His allergies will likely ensure that I don’t become that grey-haired old lady living with twenty-odd cats.

    1. Thanks again, Dad! 🙂 As for the contest, I have the winnings in hand already and have laid them out on the bag. Now all I need to do is iron then on and get to stitching.

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