“Paint Me a Maxi Dress”

The title of this post is the name of the fabric shown above. I just love the golds, greens, browns, and blues – all colors which flatter my skin tone. I’m dying to follow its suggestion and turn it into a maxi dress.

The hold up is finding the time. I seem to have more ideas than I can manage to accomplish with all the other good going on in my life. Creativity is fun like that though. Having more inspiration than you can handle is a wonderful thing.

The only pattern I have on hand that I can envision working is Vogue V8182. Imagine lengthening view A into a maxi:

Another possibility is waiting for the next pattern from Sewaholic Patterns. Tasia designed a cute dress that comes in a maxi length. I enjoyed making her Crescent skirt, so I’m sure I’d love this new dress of hers as well.

More than likely I will continue to get lost in the internet looking over the vast quantities of patterns that can be found online for the next little while.

While I’ve been talking of fall colors all this week, this maxi dress will be a piece for the summer. I think it really lives up to the colors in the spring 2011 pantone: the streaks are essentially russet brown, regatta blue, an earthy peapod green, beeswax gold, and silver cloud. A second piece for this pantone season. Finally!

8 thoughts on ““Paint Me a Maxi Dress”

    1. Thanks! I’ve decided to use the fabric for the Vogue dress and use a different fabric for the Sewaholic pattern. I didn’t realize quite how much material the Sewaholic pattern would need – four yards – so the decision was made for me since I only ordered three yards. On the bright side, it means I’ll be making two dresses this summer!

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