The Importance of a Toile

The other day the lovely Marina of Frabjous Couture sent out a call for other’s experiences with toiles, also known as muslins. I put in my two cents, and I got a nice surprise when I checked BurdaStyle earlier today.  My two cents counted enough for her to include it in her BurdaStyle Couture Column!

Taken from the BurdaStyle post.

I really have learned a lot from the online sewing community about the toile process.  I should have learned these lessons during the making of my wedding dress, but I think I was just too new to sewing to absorb many of the fine details.  Posts like this recent one on Frabjous Couture have helped the lessons stick. 

Up until now, I’ve always cut up my toiles and reused the fabric on other projects.  But, I love the idea of saving well-fitting toiles in order to create a library of toile pattern pieces from which to build new garments.

If you’ve found this blog thanks to the link on Marina’s guest post on BurdaStyle, welcome.   I hope you’ll stick around.  I’m excited about my upcoming sewing projects, and I’d love to get to know more of the online sewing community.  Half the fun of sewing is sharing it with others who also love to sew.

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