Pattern Review Featured Member

What a lovely surprise!  I’m the featured member on Pattern Review today.

If you’re not familiar with Pattern Review, it’s an online pattern store and community where people review patterns, participate in contests, take classes, get advice on anything and everything related to sewing, and more.  So far I’ve submitted a few reviews to Pattern Review, bought several patterns from their online store, and attempted to participate in one contest (unfortunately, since I’d cut out my pattern pieces before the beginning of the contest, I didn’t meet all of the qualifications).  It’s quite a large community, so it’s fun that they’ve chosen me to single out today.

I find that Pattern Review is particularly helpful when I’m thinking about using a pattern.  Before deciding to use Vogue V8182 for my maxi dress, I read reviews and looked over other’s completed dresses to be confident I was going to like my own completed dress.  I haven’t taken any of their classes, but it’s fun to know that I could have access to very accomplished sewing instructors from the convenience of my living room.

Anyway, hooray!  What a fun way to start the weekend.

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