Easily Distracted

Since I had white thread in my machine from making my maxi dress toile, I took a bit of a detour and started making a Christening gown for my weeks-old niece.

I thought I’d be able to finish in a few hours, but I was slowed by a fabric dilemma. I had one-and-a-quarter yards of the white polka dot, but the pattern called for two. After a bit of fiddling, I was able to get all of the pieces onto the fabric without losing any of the length. My solution was to take off one-and-a-quarter inches from the width of both the front and back dress pieces and to add a center seam to the back dress piece.

I was left with a bit of time to sew the cute little bodice together, and I hope to finish the gown during the first half of this week. Then, it’s back to the maxi dress.

How about you – do you ever jump between projects? Is having the right thread and the belief that you’ll be able to quickly finish enough to derail a current, more involved project for a bit?

6 thoughts on “Easily Distracted

  1. Constantly distracted – but I do try to complete the current project – good in theory! That is a lovely little dress – beautiful lace and fabric! And it’s always a victory to squeeze out all you can from fabric – well done!

    1. Yes, having unfinished projects drive me crazy. I’m busy sewing away this weekend trying to finish up this dress and the giraffe blanket. I even hope to get some progress made on my maxi dress tomorrow. Checking things off the list is nice!

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