A Christening Gown and a Freak Ironing Accident


Sadly, today began with a freak ironing accident. Involving rust. The dress is now recovering, back to its crisp white, in the peaceful solitude of the shower.

I’ll have to wait to show you the delicate lace on the front of the blouse.  The three satin buttons, which were left over from the making of my wedding dress, on the back of the blouse.  The wonderful polka dots that add whimsy to what would otherwise be a lot of stark white.  The cute gathered sleeves. The hand stitched details.

This dress needs some time to heal right now.

Plus, it’s not quite completed.  Progress was stalled just before finishing the extravagant hem.  The very last step.  Of course.

4 thoughts on “A Christening Gown and a Freak Ironing Accident

    1. Thanks! The dress is such a stark white that any discoloration would have been bad. Fortunately, no signs of any stain! I’m really happy with the dress. Sewing tiny things is fun. I have some Oliver + S patterns that I need to try out soon.

  1. I just bought the Oliver + S Tea Party Dress pattern yesterday– so cute! I have three friends with baby girls due this summer, so I’m really looking forward to making some teeny-tiny dresses! I started knitting a little over a year ago because so many people were having babies, and it’s so gratifying to make gifts so quickly! It will be loads of fun to make stuff for your niece!

    1. I have the Family Reunion Dress and the Bubble Dress from Oliver + S. They got me at check out on the latter. Half off. I couldn’t resist. I was actually first planning on meshing the two patterns for the Christening Dress, but then I was gifted this pattern by my mother-in-law when she found out what I was sewing. She’s so good to me! It was perfect, so the Oliver + S dresses got pushed to the side for now. You’ll have to let me know what you think of the Tea Party Dress. It is very cute!

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