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A Giraffe Blanket

My plan to draft a giraffe’s head for my current animal blanket was to narrow the pattern for the hippo’s head. But, when I finally sat down to do it, there were so many different pattern pieces involved that it didn’t seem like it would be a quick process. After a few moments pondering, I went back to my trusty bear’s head pattern pieces, which I’d already used to draft a cat’s head. In one fell swoop, I narrowed the width, took off the ears, and elongated the nose – voilà! A giraffe’s head. Adding ears and horns completed the transformation from bear to giraffe.

For the body, I used the elephant/hippo tail and made a really long neck.

Minky can be messy to work with, and it likely wreaks havoc on my sewing machine, but I keep coming back to it because I love these little blankets. This one will be shipped off to the one year old son of a college friend. I’m imagining him dragging this giraffe blanket around by the long neck as he runs around the house.

What about you: are there any messy projects that you just keep coming back to?

8 thoughts on “A Giraffe Blanket

    1. Haha! Thanks. Now if only I could get to sewing the maxi dress so I could check another one of my Summer Essentials off the list.

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