Sewing Summit?

Have you guys heard of the Sewing Summit coming up this fall? I thought it was mostly for quilters, but they’ve just announced that they’re partnering up with BurdaStyle and that Gertie is going to be teaching some classes on garment construction.

They also have classes on modern garment construction, blogging, photographing your finished projects, refashioning, bag making, and many others. It sounds interesting, but what do you think? Are any of you committed to going? Thinking of going?

4 thoughts on “Sewing Summit?

  1. I found your blog through the SESA. Oh dear, this sounds like a lovely event… but it’s all the way in Salt Lake City and a time I can’t take time off from work – boo! Are you going?

    1. I haven’t decided, as I only realized it might be something that would benefit my sewing as of yesterday. I’m currently on the fence. If I can work out my schedule, it’s just a matter of cost. Since I don’t do sewing as my business and therefore can’t write off the conference as a business expense, it would all be out of pocket. Travel plus hotel plus the conference fee will add up to be a lot. I’m not against spending the money, but I’d have to be committed to making the most of the conference if I did!

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