Bias Binding Penance

When I started the Christening gown, I thought it would be an afternoon project.  I even thought I’d already have my maxi dress made by now.

The crazy thing is that the only thing left to do on the gown is not what should be done last – I forgot to finish the seams.

Why didn’t you just do simple yet beautiful French seams, you ask?

It didn’t even cross my mind until it was too late.

Since this dress is a gift and I want it to live up to the quality of its fabric, my current plan is to bind the unfinished edges with bias binding tape.  The tricky part is that I’ll have to stitch the binding on by hand using a backstitch since there’s no room to get a machine in there.

Last night I made the bias binding from the left over fashion fabric using a tutorial I found on the Colette Patterns blog.  I was amazed that a few little scraps made yards and yards of binding.  Six to be precise.  The process was slow but peaceful.  Good penance for forgetting about finishing the seam allowances in the first place.

I pinned the binding along all of the seams, but it was the end of the night and too late to start hand sewing it on.  Hopefully I’ll have some time tonight to start.  I’m eager to figure out whether this plan will actually work.

The good news is that I have more than enough of the fun, textured bias binding to get me through this project…  and on to many others.  I already have dreams of making another Sorbetto, this time the true sleeveless version.  Or a Pendrell.  Hmmm…

7 thoughts on “Bias Binding Penance

  1. Oh yes the binding…I quite like this part – I find it relaxing to hand sew. After hand sewing bindings to quilts, it doesn’t faze me to hand sew binding on a dress. This will be such a beautiful gift!!

    1. I am looking forward to stitching on the binding. It’ll be my first time to add bias binding like this – I’ve never made a quilt myself – so here’s to hoping it works out! Otherwise, I may be hand overcasting the seam allowances.

    1. Thanks – I hope it’ll be meditative than laborious. We’ll see though. I’ve yet to start with the actual stitching.

  2. hi amy! i am a teacher and instead of paperwork paperwork and more paperwork…..sometimes just want to sew and create…so,i sewed the sorbetto pattern, the sleeveless version. then my next version, i thought of adding little cap sleeves so i could easily wear it to school. when i looked at the sorbetto thread (colette )to find some ideas, i saw your version–my vision! but, because i just pick around sewing…(no expert here!)…i do not know how to do these sleeves. any help???? THANK YOU SO MUCH! happy sewing to you! victoria

    1. Hi Victoria,

      I used Tasia‘s Pendrell Sew-Along as a guide for the sleeves on my Sorbetto. I would be more than happy to make a tutorial for you, but until then, here’s Tasia’s post on preparing the little cap sleeves (they’re each just stretched out ovals folded in half and basted together along the rounded edge), and here’s Tasia’s post on sewing the sleeves to the arm holes. Hope they help! Let me know what more questions you might have.

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