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Weaving the Tale of a Biscuit Basket

Yesterday I rushed home from work, fed the cats and the fish, grabbed my sewing machine and project bag, and jumped in the car. It was a sewing class night.

The planned project was the Biscuit Basket from Auntie’s Two. Though I’m usually the rouge sewer in the class, I was prepared this month – my fabric and interfacing were already cut. I was motivated because this little basket seemed like the perfect thing to replace the small cardboard boxes I use in the bathroom for holding odds and ends.

I still couldn’t follow all of the directions though. The pattern clearly states that you should use a special type of interfacing. I looked at it in the store, and it seemed like it was similar to this really stiff interfacing I’d bought ages ago. And, just in case my interfacing wasn’t quite up to the job, my fabric of choice was heavy upholstery fabric – stuff that almost stands on its own already.

Well, I was a wee bit off. It turns out that the called-for interfacing is impossibly thick and rigid. It made my interfacing seem so wimpy. When everything was all said and done, the bottom of my basket was the ideal rectangle, but the top of my basket was more of an oval.

Let’s just say that everyone else’s baskets were rectangular all over.

It still looks cute and fits perfectly in the bathroom cabinet, so I’m exceedingly pleased with my Biscuit Basket. Although, when I make another one, say as a cute gift basket for a baby shower gift, I’ll opt for the impossibly stiff interfacing.

I’m also pleased that it makes an exceptional birthday party hat.

Where’s the birthday party? Why, it’s at Oona’s, of course! Won’t you join us?

Oooooh, Oona! I’m here for your bumpin’ birthday bash with my fabulous Biscuit Basket birthday hat and two cats in tow.

Wait, what’s that? You were hoping I’d show up in a handmade dress, not a handmade basket for a hat? Well, all you said was for us to wear a handmade party outfit… Oh, I guess I can see your point. But, we all know the status of my maxi dress and Lonsdale. Showing up in either of those would be a bit too close to showing up in my original birthday suit.

Oh, there’s still more? You’re not allowed to have pets in your place? That’s too bad – they are my favorite things after all. I guess we do have a nice bottle of wine around here somewhere…

8 thoughts on “Weaving the Tale of a Biscuit Basket

  1. Great hat!! Where’s the party again? I love cats (your two are gorgeous) and a good bottle of red. On the basket, I think you’ll find you’ve learnt techniques, so that’s great and you can always try using fabric stiffener – might do the trick.

    1. It’s definitely functional. Especially when squished between the glass doors in my bathroom cabinet – you wouldn’t know the sides don’t quite stand up straight!

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