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A Mini Tutorial for a Mini Gear Bag

I’m procrastinating again. But, I’m pleased to say that I’m over two-thirds finished with my proposal, so the paralyzing panic has passed.

Today I made a mini gear bag to hold hiking snacks. My husband and I are getting ready to go on a second honeymoon that will involve lots of hut-to-hut hiking in the Alps, and since I had plenty of ripstop nylon left after making the sleeping quilt, I decided that I really needed a small bag to keep all of my snacks together. Although the huts will feed us wonderful meals each evening and morning, I’m bringing lots of little snacks to ebb any hunger that peaks in the middle of the day.  Since the bag was really easy to make, I decided to post a mini picture tutorial in case any of you might want to make a mini gear bag of your own.

Here goes…

6 thoughts on “A Mini Tutorial for a Mini Gear Bag

    1. Yes, my husband and I are super excited about our second honeymoon. And, yes, Wiley got right in and started trying to help as soon as the string came out. Silly cat!

    1. Very helpful! At least this one. He’s the crafty one who is always interested in my sewing. My other cat is more of a lap cat. She wants to be laying on your lap or on your books or on your pattern instructions, which is a little less helpful. But, cute, nonetheless.

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