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This August I sewed along with Tasia at A bunch of talented seamsters and I are all making her just-released Lonsdale dress, which happens to also be a summer essential – happy day! This post continues the discussion of the completed dress.


I love checking BurdaStyle. I try to briefly make it over there every weekday, and today when I clicked over, I was excited to see my teal Lonsdale!  In an effort to go with the sewing flow, I gave it a more creative name than just “teal Lonsdale.”  I chose “Sunlit Teal Garden Lonsdale.”  Yeah, so I really just added in a couple of extra words, but I thought they captured the golden sheen in the little teal flowers – nothing more was needed.  Anyway, I just wanted to share since it was a fun surprise for me today.

9 thoughts on “Daily Feature

    1. Thanks! It’s always fun to see who’s up for the daily feature. Getting a “member project of the week” would be fantastic. Maybe one day when I have more experience with this whole sewing thing!

  1. I love how your dress turned out – the style really suits you. Congrats on the feature–it’s always fun giving projects a name and a bit of a story, esp. after all the work we do on them!

    1. Thanks! I already have another variation of a Lonsdale in my head. More of a 20s style for the Gatsby Summer Afternoon. I don’t know that I’ll have time to make it before the second weekend in September, but it’s sure fun to plan!

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