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Stash and Dash Bags

In between sewing projects in 2011, I’m going to recount the sewing projects that I completed in 2010. This post is one of those projects.

In my December 2010 sewing class we made three little bags from Amy Butler’s Stash and Dash Bags pattern. I used the same Burberry fabric that I’ve used so many times in the past. It’s funny thinking back to that class – it was my first time sewing in a zipper, but, thanks to help from my teacher, everything went smoothly.

I really liked these little bags, and I came home and immediately made up a couple more from the leftover scraps from my Armani jacket fabric.  They both ended up being gifted to my Mom for Christmas later that month.

Looking back over these photos makes me want to dig through my 2011 sewing scraps and make more of these little bags as presents this year. I really like the pleats on the front – they add both volume and character to the bag.

4 thoughts on “Stash and Dash Bags

    1. Nope, I haven’t begun on the bombshell. I have a feeling that pattern is going to take an intensive weekend to get started, and I likely won’t have one of those for another few weekends. My goal is to get started before October. And, I know that I won’t let myself get too far from it once it’s started. Unfinished projects drive me crazy!

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