Up Next: A Colorful Pleated Skirt

While I wait for a coupon to purchase an invisible zipper foot to finish my maxi dress, I’m eager to get back into sewing. I recently picked up two yards of a fabulous cotton from It’s bursting with colors from the Fall 2011 Pantone palette, and it’s punctuated by bold blocks of white. Best of all, it has a subtle ribbed texture running perpendicular to the blocks of color. It truly is an amazing piece of fabric.

In the description of the fabric, Ms. Fine Fabrics suggests using this fabric for,

…a jumper, maybe something inspired by a 1970’s candy striper uniform, or cute little blouse with pleats at the neckline so the blocks can grow in dimension juxtaposing horizontal to vertical. Also great for a gathered or gypsy skirt, or Summer dress.

I am inspired to create a skirt that takes advantage of the pattern play suggested by pleating. I will be using the skirt portion of the pattern Very Easy Vogue V8443. I’ll just double the waistband pieces to create a waistband facing, shorten the zipper, and, voilĂ , a skirt!

Everything’s ready to go, so I imagine you’ll be seeing this skirt at least once in Self-Stitched September ’11.

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