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The Circle Skirt Sew-Along

This September I’m sewing along with Casey at Elegant Musings. A bunch of talented seamsters and I are all making circle skirts, and this post marks the beginning of the saga.

I understand the principles behind a full circle skirt, a three-quarters circle skirt, and a half circle skirt, but I’ve never drafted and made one from scratch. The closest I’ve come to even making this type of skirt is my Lonsdale, which I think has a nearly half circle skirt.

Needless to say, I was excited with Casey of Elegant Musings proposed a Circle Skirt Sew-Along. So far I’ve been able to easily keep up. I’ve taken my measurements (step one), ordered four yards of this Indigo Dyed Batiste (step two), and drafted my pattern (step three).

The Indigo Dyed Batiste for the Circle Skirt Sew-Along.

My hope is that I’ll have enough fabric to also cut a button-down top (maybe the JJ top sans ruffles?) and that when worn together it’ll appear like I’m on-trend with a full-skirted pseudo-shirt dress.  I’ll have a better idea once the fabric arrives, which should be early this week!

9 thoughts on “The Circle Skirt Sew-Along

  1. Pretty fabric! I’m doing the sew along, too, but I actually haven’t done anything yet. I’m hoping to draft the pattern this week. =)

    And thanks so much for the shop mention and link in your sidebar! I really appreciate it.


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