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SSS’11: September 28th through 30th (The End!)

This September I’m joining Zoe at ‘So, Zo…’ in a challenge to wear something handmade every day for thirty days. This post marks the eighth update of my progress and the completion of the challenge.

September 28, 2011

What:  The Paint Me a Maxi Dress

Where: Exploring downtown at night. My husband and I used the Wednesday weekly theme to take a wonderful stroll after dinner. This dress is a repeat (see September 17th), but as it’s only the second time I’ve ever worn it, I was very happy to put in on again.


September 29, 2011

What: A self-silk-screened shirt:  the design is a long story in yellow on a maroon T shirt

Where:  To work.  And then to a public talk on compassion and the science behind kindness.  Have you reached out a helping hand today?  Or, better yet, a scary flaming hand?


September 30, 2011

What:  Burberry-Inspired Trench Coat

Where:  To a much deserved evening out after a long week at work.  I’d hoped to wear a newly-completed circle skirt today to celebrate the end of SSS’11, but when I realized that I had neither the time nor the supplies to finish the hem, I was very happy to pull out this coat for a second time this month (see September 2nd).  (By the way, six yards of hem on a skirt is just crazy!)


The End Reflections:

We made it to the end of Self-Stitched September ’11!  Looking back at the month, I wore all of my handmade garments twice with the exception of the Giant Flower Sun Hat, which only made it in once.  I also wore as many self-screened T shirts as I thought reasonable to stay true to the challenge – a total of nine.  I had stand-ins twice, which is okay with me since both wore garments of which I’m very proud.  I was even able to finish two garments during the month, a pleated skirt and a maxi dress, to add to the rotation.

I also enjoyed playing along with the Flickr group; the support from the other participants was very encouraging.  Plus, loading all of my daily photos to my Flickr page gave me a very visual update of my progress.  I watched the photos on my own SSS’11 set grow from a few to thirty.  Here’s a triumphant screen shot of the final set.  It’s a fun little summary of my self-stitched and handmade month.

I would definitely do this again.  Maybe an every September sort of thing, though it sounds like Zoe is only planning to host one of these in May of next year.  While I have little desire for an overstuffed closet full of clothes, I am excited to think of what another year will bring.

For those of you who also participated in SSS’11, what are your reflections on the success of the past month?

10 thoughts on “SSS’11: September 28th through 30th (The End!)

  1. Heya! This is my second SSS, and I found it a lot easier this year, but still it’s tricky for me to photograph every day! It was only til the last few days I was grappling with what to wear, compared to last year, after about 2 weeks I was fed up with my handmade wardrobe. I have enough variety and versatility now!

    Your photos look great! And I love all the reds in your wardrobe!

    1. If I were to sew something new every week, I think SSS’11 would have been more of a creative-pairing challenge than a creative stretching-out-the-few-handmade-garments-I-have challenge. I don’t know where I’d put all of the clothes though. My closet is pretty small… I don’t know how you Sew Weekly gals do it! I enjoy participating when I can, but every week! You’re inspirational!

  2. I love your self screened t-shirts. Wasn’t it fun? This challenge helped me look critically at the gaps in my wardrobe (I need more me-made cold weather clothes and more bottoms) and also come face to face with the fact that I very much dislike having my picture taken!

    1. Thanks! It made me very happy to get so many compliments on my shirts from all of you. And, this month really was fun. It was hard to take my photo day in and day out, but it wasn’t that bad. I cut my head out of most of them though, so that helps with the awkwardness of having to edit photos of yourself over and over!

  3. How do you make your self screened t-shirts? Do you have a machine or DIY? They are amazing! I would love to try making my own, but not sure of the best way.

    1. I had access to a silk-screening room during graduate school. It was fun and easy, the shirts were cheap, and the paint was free, so I went a little crazy making all kinds of shirts. I haven’t made any since finishing graduate school. I don’t think it would be the same without all of the supplies.

  4. I was going to ask you about the screen-printed shirts. They are really cute!

    Your pieces are really great and I like how you had to get creative a few times. A sweater over your Lonsdale dress looks completely different and appropriate for fall! I want to participate next year in hopes that I can get a bit more creative with my styling.

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