Deja Vu: Circle Skirt Two

When I took this picture, I felt like I’d seen it before.  It turns out I roughly had, posted both here and here.  I’m remaking my circle skirt.  When I was thinking over my SWAP plans, one of the pieces I wanted to include was the circle skirt.  But, the focus of the SWAP is supposed to be tried and true patterns.  I realized I had only worn the skirt the day it was finished, and I had no inclination to wear it again.  While I love the vintage look on others, it’s just not for me… right now.  It doesn’t fit into my routine at work or really even on the weekends.  Plus, the horsehair braid was a little much for the casual fabric.

What I needed and wanted was a casual skirt.

I ripped out all of the seams and recut the skirt pieces from the old, eliminating both the wonky pockets and the horsehair braid.  I kept the old waistband but used it without a lap since it was really cut too short last time.  And, I drafted new pockets that are completely hidden in the side seam.

After sewing everything together, I put it on my dress form to hang overnight, figuring the bias likely wouldn’t stretch that much since it had had time to stretch in the first skirt.  I was wrong.  I guess in altering the cut, I altered the portion of the fabric that falls on the bias.  In fact, you can probably see the amount the bias stretched in the photo above (the bias hits the hem half way between the center and the side seam).  I’ll be pinning (and pinning and pinning) the hem again pretty soon, and then I plan to try out my narrow hem foot to give this casual skirt a casual little hem.

But, first, I’m off to Seattle to spend Thanksgiving with family.  I’ll be meeting my five month old niece for the first time, and I’m told she’s been saving the sea shell dress just for the occasion.  The hemming can wait.

3 thoughts on “Deja Vu: Circle Skirt Two

  1. Funny, but I’ve just been thinking about pieces I made that just weren’t me. Maybe I made them to participate in something or just wanted the experience of making them, but in the end they didn’t get worn. It’s nice to be able to learn from that and still salvage it into something wearable. I don’t know if this is what you are going for but do you have a blind hem foot? I’d never used one and just tried mine for the first time on the Lonsdale dress, and it was pretty easy to ease in the hem allowance without a lot of pins, and it looked really nice. Happy Thanksgiving, Amy!

    1. I have used my blind hem foot on curtains as well as an A-line skirt. It works well! But, after rereading Casey’s post about various circle skirt hems she recommends, the one I preferred was the casual narrow hem. I have a foot that’s supposed to do a narrow hem all on its own, without all of the extra stitching, ironing, trimming, folding, and such. And, since I’ve never used that foot before, I thought it was a perfect excuse to try it out. I’ll be practicing on scraps first. If I don’t like the result, then I might break out my blind hem foot again. Thanks for the suggestion!

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